The Pollyanna Plan’s 5 Step Guide To Getting Back On Track

Sometimes this thing called life can be a bit tricky. We can be steadily and blissfully travelling along our path, when we hit a bump and get knocked sideways. Instead of speeding smoothly down life’s highway, we suddenly find ourself on the wiggly, winding, bumpy, pot-holed scenic route, which can often leave us feeling a little lost and bewildered. And if you’re anything like I am, you may need a gentle reminder at these times to help you get back on track.

As you may know, I’ve been on a journey for the last few years, healing from chronic illness. Things have been going amazingly and my health and life in general have been getting miraculously better. Really, truly, it’s been an incredible transformation. But right now, I’ve hit a bit of a bump and I find myself in the throes of a full blown autoimmune attack, where, even though I know it’s not true at all, I feel as if I’m back to square one.

I don’t know about you, but during life’s bumps and blips, I often forget to apply all the wonderful lessons I’ve learnt along the way that would really help me to turn things around and to get out of the rut I currently find myself in.

All the valuable teachings I’ve read about, listened to and even put into practice regularly can get shoved into the deep and dusty recesses of my mind. And instead of applying the things I know that really do work (because I’ve tried them before and seen the proof with my very own eyes), I end up prioritising other things, which I kid myself into thinking are more important.

At times like this, when I can’t seem to find my way back towards where I want to be heading, I find it’s useful to have a step by step guide to light the way.

And here’s what this guide looks like:


  1. Take A Deep Breath
    Literally stop what you are doing and thinking for a minute and take a big, deep, calming breath.
  2. Wherever You Are Is Ok
    I really, REALLY dislike the phrase “it is what it is”. It even pains me to write it! I always thought it sounded so defeatist, like there’s nothing you can do about a situation or circumstance, so why even bother trying. But what I’ve come to realise is that these annoying words actually have a very good point. When we accept something for what it is, when we surrender to it and stop struggling and fighting against it, when we trust that where we are in life is ok and that we are doing brilliantly no matter what situation we find ourselves in, THEN we magically find ourselves becoming unstuck from whatever has been holding us back. Accepting that wherever you are is ok, is truly empowering.
  3. Edit Out The Bad And Edit In The Good 
    Stop focusing on, moaning and thinking about the stuff that isn’t going right. It’s so hard to do, I know, especially when you find yourself slap, bang in the middle of something yucky. But try to distract yourself as best you can. Instead focus on, think about and rave about the good stuff. If you’re struggling to think of anything good to think or talk about, get out an old fashioned pen and paper and start a list. Write anything, no matter how silly or small it may seem, just start writing. The more you write, the more you’ll be able to think of. Keep reminding yourself of the good stuff, share it with your friends and family, revel in it and celebrate it. Which leads me swiftly onto..
  4. Give Thanks
    With a blog name like The Pollyanna Plan, you knew this was coming didn’t you? 😉 But really, honestly, truly, there is great power in gratitude. Spend a few minutes each day giving thanks for all the good in your life. Really feel it. Make lists, express your gratitude to people you meet – say thank you more and genuinely mean it. Also, giving thanks in advance for things you would like to manifest or create in your life before they have happened is like super charging your manifesting powers.
  5. Find Your Joy
    Take time to do things that make your heart sing. If you’re feeling lost and unsure, write out a list of things in life that bring you joy and make you happy. And then… Go. Do. Them! 😀 For me it’s things like going to the beach, watching a sunset, having a chat with my mum, cuddling my dog, watching something funny on YouTube, writing, painting, playing with my niece and nephew. I can’t do all of these things right now, but I’m going to do the ones I can. You get the point though, it doesn’t matter what it is, if it makes you smile and feel good, make time to go and do it.

May you easily and effortlessly find your way back to life’s joys again. Much love to you all. ❤

© N. Lamy – The Pollyanna Plan – 2015- All Rights Reserved.

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6 thoughts on “The Pollyanna Plan’s 5 Step Guide To Getting Back On Track

  1. Lately when something occurs that I don’t especially like, I just laugh and say “Well, that’s a thing that could happen.” Cuz it is. And it did. And then I just go do something better, because that’s a thing that could happen too. I hope we both feel better soon! 🙂

  2. Wonderful post today..I am sure it will resonate with a lot of people. I have saved the image on my phone and will look at it often. So I have the help right at my fingertips, whenever I need it. So thank you, thank you,,thank you for all your posts they are truly inspiring. Xxx Anita xxx


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