What A Transformation! Miracles And Magical Stuff

This morning, as I was walking along the beautiful Algarvean cliff tops near my home with my super cute dog Frankie, I had a flashback to one of the first blog posts I ever wrote. It was from Day 2 of The Pollyanna Plan and my reason to feel glad/happy/joyful that day was that I felt well enough to go for a short walk on the beach with my mum and my dogs. Doesn’t sound like much really, does it? But I remember that day so well.

I’d been struggling with chronic illness (namely Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Hashimoto’s Disease – an autoimmune disease that destroys thyroid function) for so many years. I was too ill to work, I lived at home with my mum who supported me, looked after me and was generally wonderful in every way. I had no social life, I rarely got to see anyone and I hardly ever felt well/strong enough to leave the house. Things sucked – technical term!

That particular day was the first time I’d felt up to leaving the house for 10 long days (apart from a trip to the hospital for tests, which definitely doesn’t count) – sometimes I’d be stuck at home for weeks on end. But even though I was still suffering from extreme fatigue and I only managed a very brief walk that day, I just knew something was different. I could feel it. I knew for sure that I had taken the very first step towards something huge and miraculous and life changing.

You see, the day before I had just started an experiment to see whether positive, happy feelings really could improve my health and life. It’s how The Pollyanna Plan and this blog came about. I challenged myself to find a reason to feel glad/happy/joyful every single day for 1 whole year and write a blog post about it (yep, I really did write a post every day for 365 days).

And today, 2 1/2 years later, as I was out walking Frankie on my own (feeling healthy, strong and confident) like I do every morning – as well as walking in the afternoons and evenings too –  I was hit by a humungous wave of gratitude and awe.

The view from my morning walk

My life has changed beyond recognition. It has completely and utterly transformed. I am now living on my own, working part time, getting out of the house daily – sometimes several times a day – I have a social life, as well as loads of other magical things. But the very best thing of all is that I feel healthy and well. I really do! I’ve even been able to considerably reduce my thyroid medication, which is amazing.

So if you’ve been wondering whether all this gratitude, positivity, law of attraction lark is worth giving a go, please take it from me that it is absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done. In just 2 1/2 years I have gone from celebrating the achievement of being able to leave the house for a very short and gentle walk, having to be accompanied by my lovely mum, to being able to walk my dog on my own easily and effortlessly 3 times a day, every single day. I couldn’t be more grateful and filled with joy. 😀

PS I’ve just started up an Instagram account for The Pollyanna Plan, where I’ll be sharing photos from my walks and other cool stuff.

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