The Gratitude Experiment

The gratitude experiment

Try this little experiment…

Set aside 10 minutes today to think about, write down, or (my personal favourite) talk to yourself out loud about, everything in your life you have to feel grateful for. And I really do mean EVERYTHING. From the big, exciting stuff to the very minor details. If you’re feeling a bit stuck, start with the thing/person/experience/circumstance that is the easiest for you to feel thankful and grateful for. Let yourself bask in the feeling, just relax and allow more thoughts and ideas to flow to you.

Have fun with this, turn it into a game, really ramp up those feelings of appreciation and joy. When your 10 minutes are up, take a deep breath and breathe out, releasing it to the Universe. Then get on with your day and watch what happens. 🙂

You see, the more time you spend feeling genuinely happy and grateful and putting those feelings out to the Universe, the more you will attract into your life things, people, events and circumstances to feel happy and grateful for. It really is magic! Towards the end of my 10 minutes I often add in a few things that haven’t even happened yet, giving thanks in advance for them, as this is a super cool way of creating what you desire.

You can combine this experiment with other stuff like doing housework, exercising or listening to music, so long as your mind, thoughts and, more importantly, feelings are firmly focused on your gratitude list.

For best results, repeat daily. 🙂 I’d love to know how you get on.

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