2015 – How Much Better Can It Get?

Hello lovely friends! I hope that the start of 2015 finds you healthy, happy and loved. But, if by any chance you’ve had a less than ideal start to the year, then it can mean only one thing….better things are coming your way. 🙂

I can say this with some authority as I have been stuck in bed with the flu for over a week. Sure, I have had my moments of feeling glum and sorry for myself, but in true Pollyanna style, I am refusing to see this blip as a “bad” thing, or a “bad” way to start the new year. Instead, I am choosing to feel grateful that the only way forward from here is up, and that soon I will feel healthy again and be able to enjoy all the marvellous, magical things this year has in store for me.


In the meantime, this period of enforced confinement has given me time for the things that are usually at the bottom of my must-do-list, like reading, listening to inspiring/motivation talks, watching feel good movies, discovering new music, oh and my most favourite activity, excitedly planning out and eagerly looking forward to my year ahead.

Rather than being stuck in the “how much worse can it get?” frame of mind, I’m choosing to keep asking myself “how much better can it get?” In fact, I’ve just this minute decided to make this my question for 2015. I like it so much, I’m going to say it again: “How much better can it get?” 🙂

So it’s onwards and upwards and I’ll be back to blogging regularly soon. Yippee!

Happy 2015 to you all! ❤

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