Gratitude Is Medicine For The Soul

Gratitude – it really is a game changer! There’s something about taking a few minutes out of your day to sit quietly and focus on (or write down) some things you feel genuinely grateful for, that can completely turn things around. It’s the perfect pick me up if you’re feeling a little glum or under the weather. And it can really boost and build on any happy, positive vibes you’ve got going on.

How can I say this with certainty? Because I’ve been practising gratitude since I started The Pollyanna Plan nearly 2 years ago and it has literally changed my life beyond recognition. And also because I’ve just spent a few minutes writing out my reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful today and I’m already feeling the benefits. It’s like medicine for the soul.

So my question for you today is, what are you feeling grateful for right now? Why not give it a go and you’ll see what I mean! 🙂


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