Pre-Paving The Way – Day 225 of The Pollyanna Plan

I have never done this before – reblog one of my posts. But I’m sitting here typing this, feeling all happy and excited, because this stuff really, really works – pre-paving that is, not reblogging.

I’ve kind of been slacking in my law of attraction practices of late and in all honesty it has been showing in the results I’ve been getting and the experiences I’ve been having. You know the ones I mean? The not-so-great variety, where plans fall through, things mess up, people act in ways you were not anticipating or hoping for at all.

Then last night, as I was drifting off to sleep and wondering what I could do to turn this all around, I remembered pre-paving. So when I opened my eyes this morning, before I got out of bed, I gave it a whirl. I spent 15 minutes pre-paving my day, down to the exact details and giving thanks in advance for it all going so well.

And guess what? It’s now lunch time and things are going brilliantly, even down to the very specific details. In fact something just happened that made me laugh out loud, as it was a detail I had pre-paved, but was so unexpected that it proved to me without doubt that this stuff really does work.

Anyway, here is my post from Day 225 of The Pollyanna Plan, which explains how to do it. Happy pre-paving! 🙂

The Pollyanna Plan

Day 225, Reason 225: Today I am so happy and very grateful that going for my blood test turned out just the way I had intended! 🙂

This morning, I woke up with a flutter of anxiety in my stomach in anticipation of my appointment for a blood test.

It’s not the actual blood test that worries me – I’ve had so many of them throughout my life, that I’m a seasoned pro by now – it’s the feeling really lousy afterwards that I dread. I have super low blood pressure and often feel very faint and wobbly – a feeling that can last for days afterwards.

But, as I cleaned my teeth this morning, I remembered something I had read in an Abraham-Hicks book about pre-paving. Basically, pre-paving means visualising or imagining how you’d like a situation to go ahead of time.

Pre-paving is really useful for 2 reasons:

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