What Pollyanna Did Next

Hello there my friends!

It’s been a while. In fact, it’s been more than a while.

I’ve taken a little break-ette from blogging over the past few months, as I wanted to focus all my energy and time on healing. Having lived with an autoimmune disease and chronic illness for so many years, and having had a very limited life for so long, I am now over-the-moon delighted, pleased, beaming from ear to ear, jumping for joy and doing my happy dance to be able to tell you that I am getting so much healthier and stronger. Really! You heard me right! 🙂

I have more energy, I am more resilient, I have been able to enjoy the summer for the first time in a very long time. I have been going to the beach, I even have a tan, which is a huge deal seeing as I’ve spent the majority of the past few summers in bed feeling feverish and very ill.

I’m getting out of the house regularly (!!!!), I’m making new friends, I’m re-connecting with old friends and I can now make plans and know that I’ll be able to stick to them – this is huge!

I’m walking my dogs daily, I’m seriously considering joining the gym, I’ve even thought about buying a bike so I can cycle places rather than drive. Oh and I’m driving places too, instead of having to be driven.

I’m thinking about going away on holiday, I’m planning on going to a restaurant for the first time in years (food intolerances and all) and I’m making plans for the future.

I’m feeling braver, I’m feeling more confident about being myself, I’m learning to be kinder to myself and I’m getting better and better at letting go and going with the flow.

There is still plenty of work to be done, things to heal and general improvement to be made, but I am unbelievably grateful to be very much getting there.

I labelled 2013 and the 365 days of The Pollyanna Plan – finding (and blogging about) a reason to feel glad, happy, joyful every single day for one whole year – as being the year that changed my life.


Image source: findyourhappy.ca

And I’m so, so happy (did I mention that I’m happy?!) to be able to share with you that 2014 is the year that I have begun to really live life again.

So, if anyone out there is wondering if something as seemingly simple as gratitude and focusing on happy, positive feelings can make any difference to your life, you can take my word for it that it is magical, that it transforms everything for the better and that if I can do it, then so can you.

Much love to you all,

Nina xx

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7 thoughts on “What Pollyanna Did Next

  1. Hey Ken,

    I’m forwarding this wonderful blog post to you to give you something to aim for. The blogger, whose name is Nina, chronologs her days and always gives a reason she can be happy even if the day didn’t turn out the way she’d like, or if she didn’t feel well. She took it a day at a time a step at a time.

    Sometimes when we’ve been doing good in keeping our vibes up, something will come up that we don’t like. It’s just an old vibe, something you manifested from a different vibration. Don’t let it get you down, just say, “that’s old” I’m creating something better now!


    Have a Divine Day! Nina   Divine Grace Infusions

    Divine Energy Healing http://www.enlightenmentforlife.com 832-301-4489

    1. It really is the best year, isn’t it! 🙂 Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I was grinning from ear to ear reading it. And I’m delighted to have read all about your wonderful news and the amazing progress you’ve made. YAY you! Big, big congrats! 😀 xx

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