Feeling Down, Lost Or Unsure? Ask For A Sign From The Universe

I logged into Pinterest today and was a little bit stunned to see these words shining out at me from the top of the page.


Sometimes when I’m feeling a bit down, lost or unsure, I ask the Universe to send me a sign – something very obvious, without any uncertain “I guess that could be a sign” feeling attached to it. I always know it when I see it and the Universe ALWAYS delivers. You’ve got to love that!  🙂

So, I’m sharing my sign here (see picture above) with you today, in case it is your sign too. And if it’s not, but you feel like you need some direction, clarification or support in some way, then why not give it a go? Put it out there to the Universe, ask for a sign, be open to how it may appear, trust that it WILL appear at exactly the right time, then get on with your day. And believe me, you’ll be surprised and delighted by what shows up for you.

Much love to you all. 

2 thoughts on “Feeling Down, Lost Or Unsure? Ask For A Sign From The Universe

  1. I turn to the Universe whenever I feel down. When I release the expectation that I’ll get a sign from the Universe, that’s when it comes. This was a very uplifting post–thank you for making my day! 🙂 xx

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