I have just read the most beautiful blog post. I had tears streaming down my face when I finished reading it, as it touched my heart and soul and in many ways I feel as if it’s been written for me.

The post is called Children Who Shine From Within and is by Rachel from the fantastic blog Hands Free Mama. (I urge you to go and read it…and then come back and finish reading this!)

It’s a post about butterflies and fireflies, only it’s a lot more than that. It’s a post about feeling like you don’t fit in. About feeling as if you’re different in some way, like you’re not the obvious choice, as if somehow you are invisible and people don’t really see you for who you are.

There are people who are life’s butterflies – those bold, bright, colourful, out-there people whose talents and personalities will always be recognised, noticed and admired.

And then there are the fireflies. Those whose light shines from within. Those whose gifts may not be as visible as the butterflies’, for they are more subtle and yet they have so much to offer to the world.

fireflies jar field via Pinterest and Oh Hello You Pretty Things Tumblr - cinemascope glow 1960s effect

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Reading Rachel’s post today made me realise something. Something I’ve always known, but have tried so hard to kept hidden.

I’ve always felt different. All my life I have felt this way. At school I was badly bullied for years for being “ugly” and “nerdy” and generally for not being like everybody else. I’ve spent my whole life trying to fit in, trying to be someone I’m not and I now realise that I’ve been trying so hard to be a butterfly, when all along I am, and always will be, a firefly.

It’s taken me 34 years to recognise this, but now I know that it’s ok. In fact, it’s more than ok. And rather than striving to grow beautiful, colourful wings, I am giving myself permission to let my bright light shine.

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4 thoughts on “Fireflies

  1. You, ugly? What, did you go to a school for the blind or something? Sheesh. 😛

    Seriously, though, you ARE different. So am I. But I’ve always thought that was cool, whether or not anybody else seemed to agree. So be whatever kind of insect makes you happy, and everybody else can just bug off if they don’t like it! I think you’re awesome!! 🙂

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