The Scenic Route – Day 363 of The Pollyanna Plan

I read a wonderful blog post today by Hollie Holden about how when we ask for something from the Universe and it doesn’t show up straight away, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Hollie explains how life sometimes wants to take us on the “wiggly route” and that rather than feeling disappointed or frustrated that we’re not heading straight for our goal, instead we might choose to look for unexpected treasures along the way.

The Cosmic Treasure Hunt post showed up at the perfect time for me – as things seem to do rather a lot lately – as I was on the brink of feeling a little despondent this morning. You see, I had hoped that by Day 365 of The Pollyanna Plan, I would be feeling super healthy and bursting with energy. But, for the past few days I’ve been struggling with fatigue, exhaustion and just feeling generally wiped out.

“This isn’t meant to be happening,” I keep thinking to myself, especially since a couple of months ago I was feeling so much better health wise. Also, I want to feel fantastic for my trip to Lisbon at the weekend – the first trip I’ve been well enough to go on for years. But, right now I don’t have enough energy to sort out my packing, let alone think about going sight-seeing and exploring a new city.

And that’s why I’m so grateful that Hollie’s blog post showed up in my Facebook newsfeed this morning, because it made me look at things a little differently. It made me realise that I must be on the “wiggly route” towards good health. Yes, ok I’m not on the high speed, straight, monotonous road there, but instead I’m taking the scenic route on a winding, bumpy, sandy track, weaving in and out of all sorts of weird and wonderful places.

My scenic route might take a little longer, but there’s so much more to look at and appreciate along the way. And over the past year I have found countless treasures that have enriched my life in so many ways, so I have complete faith that there will be many more to come.

I’m turning that despondent feeling into excitement and rather than trying to control the route and the speed at which I travel towards my destination, I’m just going to surrender to what the Universe has in store for me and make the most of the meandering journey.

Day 363, Reason 363: Today I am so very happy and grateful to have opened my eyes to all the treasures to be found along my twisting, turning scenic route towards good health.

California, USA


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7 thoughts on “The Scenic Route – Day 363 of The Pollyanna Plan

    1. Oh wow! Thank you for your lovely comment, Kimberley and welcome to The Pollyanna Plan! I only have 1 more day left of my year long challenge, so you found me just in time. Better late than never! 🙂

      I am definitely going to continue this blog with regular updates, progress reports and I’ll be sharing all the things I learn along the way. 🙂 x

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