The Affirmation Game – Day 353 of The Pollyanna Plan

Last night, I watched the online movie, You Can Heal Your Life, based on the inspirational book by Louise Hay. (It was shown as part of the free Hay House, Start the New You Now ultimate webinar, which is on until 17th January).

The movie was amazing and I LOVED it! 🙂 However, it reminded me that I seem to have slipped out of the habit of using affirmations. And right now, as my body is fighting off this sore throat, virusy thing, I need all the positive, good vibe help I can get.

There was one affirmation from the movie that really resonated with me and I have chosen it to get me back into the swing of things:

“My body now restores itself to its natural state of good health.” 🙂

When choosing affirmations, I think it’s important to find one that feels good for you when you say it out loud. And this one does just that!I wrote it out on a sticky note and stuck it on my bedroom mirror just before I went to sleep, to remind myself to repeat it as often as possible.

But, without my knowledge (I really wanted to write “unbeknownst to me” there, but I’m not sure if unbeknownst is a real word!), my Mum had written it in different pretty colours on LOADS of sticky notes and had stuck them around the house in strategic places – like near the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, on the oven door and even on the toilet roll! So that when I woke up this morning, I delightedly found myself playing hunt the affirmations.

affirmation game

It was lots of fun and every time I found a sticky note I’d laugh, then say my affirmation out loud a few times with a big smile on my face. It made me realise that in order to get the most out of saying affirmations, you really need to make a game of it – Thanks Mum, you rock!

Day 353, Reason 353: Today I am so happy and grateful for the affirmation game, which has kept me smiling and focused on wellness all day long.

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