Rising Sap – Day 351 of The Pollyanna Plan

As each day passes and The Pollyanna Plan rapidly approaches its conclusion, I’m noticing more and more the signs that my health really is improving.

Take today for example – I woke up a little later than usual, but without the dreaded fatigue, exhaustion and ill feeling I have long become accustomed to. I then proceeded to give my bedroom a spring clean, something I haven’t managed to do for years without making myself overtired and my health much worse. And after lunch I realised that I had more than enough energy to continue on with my day and didn’t need to rest for a few hours in the afternoon, as I used to have to do every single day. Yippee!

Next, I took my dogs for a long walk through the countryside – the longest walk I’ve done for a very long time – and delighted in feeling clear headed, energised and dare I say it… healthy!

We walked through fields and along sandy paths until we reached one of my favourite places at this time of year – an almond tree orchard. And there, in the middle of all the bare, seemingly lifeless trees, was an almond tree proudly displaying its first beautiful blossoms.

almond blossoms

A quick pic taken on my phone to share with you

I remembered something my friend, Susan, had told me a few weeks ago, about how energising it is to quietly stand with your back to a tree and feel the sap rising. So, that is exactly what I did. And really, truly, I could feel a warm sort of energy rising up through my body. It was wonderful! (Although, only short lived as Ruby, who was on her lead, got impatient and wasn’t too impressed with all the tree hugging lark!)

It got me thinking about this incredible journey I’ve been on over the past 351 days and how I’ve been through years and years of winter, but now slowly and surely my sap is beginning to rise.

Day 351, Reason 351: Today I am so incredibly grateful and joyful that my energy and life force is gradually returning to me.

Soon I too will be in full glorious blossom! 🙂

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ONLY 14 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

AND ONLY 14 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Rising Sap – Day 351 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. This is brilliant, I want to run outside and stand against a tree (but it’s cold, dark and tea time)… I’m at the beginning of my journey so love following you and yours, hope your sap carries on rising and please keep blogging beyond the 365 🙂

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. 🙂 I will definitely continue to blog. Wishing you loads of happiness on your journey. Oh and I’d wait for a warm, spring day to try the tree thing! 😉 x

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