Glimpses Of Spring – Day 350 of The Pollyanna Plan

“Each spring the song of the universe begins again.”
—Winton Southern.

Whilst most of the northern hemisphere is bracing itself against the bitter cold and stormy conditions, in my little nook of this beautiful blue planet, the sun shone and temperatures rose to 20 degrees Celcius.

Mid-morning, I took the dogs out for a walk and delighted in the feel of the warm sunlight on my face. Everywhere I looked I saw signs of the approach of spring.  And best of all, I didn’t even need a coat! 🙂

Last year, spring didn’t make an appearance until  Day 8 of The Pollyanna Plan. So, I’m thrilled to be writing this post today – over 3 weeks earlier!

Day 350, Reason 350: Today I am so very happy and grateful for the early approach of spring time, which always brings with it the promise of new beginnings. 🙂


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