Happily Lost In Creativity – Day 348 of The Pollyanna Plan

Well, it would seem that the whole nurturing your cells thing really does work, as today I am feeling so much better than I was yesterday! Hoorah!

I adopted a combined approach, incorporating several cups of my magic immune boosting brew, as well as a couple of bowlfuls of healing bone broth, apple cider vinegar in water and spoonfuls of raw local honey, all the while encouraging the cells of my body to do their thing by telling them how brilliantly strong and healthy they are. Who knows which of these really did the trick, but I’m certainly not complaining as the yucky symptoms have all but gone. YEYYYYYY! Can you tell how happy I am?! 🙂

And because I’m feeling so much better, I was able to start work on my second attempt at seashell jewellery making this morning – something I’ve been longing to do for days.

I shut myself away in my workroom, put on some music and happily got lost in creativity. By the time lunchtime came around, I had a big grin on my face and a spring in my step and I realised that this is what it feels like to do something you truly love. 🙂


Day 348, Reason 348: Today I am so very happy, grateful and full of joy to be lost in creativity – something that is definitely very good for my soul!

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ONLY 17 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

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