Nurture Your Cells – Day 347 of The Pollyanna Plan

Waking up this morning with a very sore throat and feeling decidedly like I’m coming down with a cold, is not exactly what I had planned today.

But, it gave me the perfect opportunity to put into practice something I learnt the other day after watching a video interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton, cellular biologist and author of The Biology of Belief. 

Without going too deep into all the sceincey part, what I took away from the interview is that we think of ourselves and our bodies as one being, but we are really made up of a community of cells. (Don’t ask me how many, I can’t remember, but suffice to say there are LOADS of them.) And all these cells in our body are sort of like miniature humans, as each has built in receptors so that they are aware of their environment.

In the case of our cells, their “environment” is our own body, which is controlled by our mind. So, when we are stressed or thinking fearful thoughts, every one of our cells is also experiencing the same. Similarly, if we are thinking and feeling happy, positive vibes, then our cells are feeling this too and so are working optimally. “Cells experience the same life you experience.” There’s scientific research to prove all of this and I’ll include the video interview in the comments section of this post. It’s all so fascinating and really worth a watch!

Anyway, back to this morning – my first reaction to discovering that I was feeling rubbish today was to feel fear – fear that this will develop into a nasty flu type thing, fear that my health is deteriorating again…and the list goes on. But, thanks to all I’ve learnt over the past 347 days, and thanks to Dr. Bruce Lipton and his work, I quickly knocked that thinking on the head and chose instead to send loving, comforting and reassuring thoughts to my cells all day.

I’ve literally been talking to my cells (sounds bonkers, I know) and telling them how awesome I think they are and how I know that we are perfectly capable of fighting off this poxy, little virusy thing together.

If nothing else, it’s made me feel so much happier and more positive, which as I’ve discovered since the start of The Pollyanna Plan, is the key to turning things around. 🙂

Day 347, Reason 347: Today I am so happy and grateful for the understanding that by nurturing and encouraging the cells of my body with happy, positive thoughts, I can help my body to heal.


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12 thoughts on “Nurture Your Cells – Day 347 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Very interesting! I hope it works and you feel better soon. Whenever I start coming down with a cold, I immediately take some vitamin C and zinc, and I find that usually knocks it right out. It may be just the idea that it works, but whatever. 🙂

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