Happy, Joyful Feelings Are So Very Healing – Day 315 of The Pollyanna Plan

It seems like my natural remedies are working, as I’m most definitely on the mend today. Woohoo!

I have lots of things I need to catch up on now that I’m back to healthy functioning and I planned to have a productive morning of working my way through my to do list, when I suddenly remembered the intention I set for myself back in October to do something each day that brings me joy.

I’ve let this intention slide a little recently, but I fully intend to make it a habit and a natural part of my life and today seemed like a pretty good day to pick it up again. So, instead of ploughing through all the tasks I “should” be doing, this morning my Mum and I went down to a hotel on the beach for coffee…or in my case a green tea!

We sat outside at a table in the warm, winter sunshine and enjoyed our drinks whilst watching walkers on the beach and surfers paddling through the waves. I always feel so joyful and alive being out of the house after a period of confinement, no matter how short it is, and today was no exception.

It really gave me a boost, which turned out to be a much more productive way to spend the morning, as happy, joyful feelings are so very healing.

Day 315, Reason 315: Today I am so very happy and grateful to be feeling healthier and to be able to something that really brings me joy. Yippee!!


Image copyright: https://thepollyannaplan.wordpress.com

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50 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

50 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find….not long now!! 🙂

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