Food, Mood And Winnie-The-Pooh – Day 305 of The Pollyanna Plan

I wasn’t having a great day health wise today (more on that in a bit) and I was feeling a little down this afternoon, when I received something through the post that cheered me up immensely.

It was part of an Amazon order I had placed, containing Christmas and birthday gifts I have bought for my family. In it was the book, Now We Are Six by A. A. Milne, which is part of my niece’s 6th birthday present (Sssh! Don’t tell her!)

I carefully opened the first pages, intending on just having a quick look inside to check all was ok and quite unexpectedly I became lost in the poems. As I read, I was instantly transported back to my childhood and before I knew it I was smiling and giggling with glee.

Day 305, Reason 305: Today I am so happy and grateful that I have rediscovered the magical and joyful world of A. A. Milne! 🙂 I hope my niece likes it as much as I do!


Oh and on the health front, I’m beginning to suspect that I may have histamine intolerance. It was first brought to my attention by the lovely Jennifer, over at The Painted Universe. And it also came up during the second class of my 6 week online program about Hashimoto’s Disease.

As part of the course, I have been keeping a food-mood-poop journal – yes, this does involve journaling about your poop!! I have kept a food journal before, which was helpful, but incorporating the mood (symptoms) and poop part is really an invaluable tool and I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I’ve been feeling so much better for the past few days, so I was really disappointed to wake up this morning feeling awful and like I’m coming down with a cold or flu. I get these symptoms quite regularly and thankfully they never develop into anything nasty, in fact they calm down again after a day or 2, so I was already suspecting that they might be food related.

And then looking back at my food-mood-poop journal this afternoon, this worsening of symptoms seems to have coincided with eating more citrus fruit than usual.

I’m going to investigate further and in the meantime I shall keep myself feeling happy and positive by reading some more A. A. Milne! 🙂

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60 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan…. So exciting!

60 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

One thought on “Food, Mood And Winnie-The-Pooh – Day 305 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Yep, the histamine thing can be a bummer. There are enzymes you can take that might or might not help, but I find that really it’s mostly about figuring out what bothers you, and either reducing or eliminating it.

    Fortunately it’s sometimes a matter of quantity – I read somewhere that it’s like overflowing a histamine bucket, which is an analogy I find helpful. So I just try to keep the things that bug my system below the lip of the bucket, as it were. 🙂

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