Reacting From A Place of Love – Day 298 of The Pollyanna Plan

Would you like to know three really great facts about my day?

1) I haven’t had my customary nap in the afternoon and I’m still standing (well technically, sitting!) Yippee! This is HUGE progress.

2) I have managed to get a lot of admin type tasks done, like paying bills etc, which I’ve been putting off doing.

3) I’ve learnt another valuable lesson.

Let me explain…

One of my admin tasks was replying to an email from someone, who is insisting I have to pay money for a share of something that I never agreed to in the first place.

When I first received this not- very-nicely-worded email a week or so ago, I went through a whole range of emotions from feeling wounded to downright cross! Luckily, I had the presence of mind to know that responding whilst feeling those kind of feelings would have been a mistake, so I chose to ignore the email until a time when I felt better about the situation.

And that time was today.

Only when I sat down at my laptop to compose my reply, I immediately regressed back into rant mode! I began typing and telling this person exactly what I thought. And, although I was still being polite, my tone was sharp and clipped and I felt really peeved about it all over again.

Just as I was about to hit “send”,  something stopped me and these words popped into my head, “always act from a place of love.”



And so, I took a deep breath and as I exhaled I imagined breathing out all the anger, frustration and bad feeling vibes that were filling my body. Next, I deleted my original email and I started over, this time from a place of love.

I imagined sending loving energy to the person in question and the tone of my email became kinder and more peaceful.  I took the “there must have been some sort of misunderstanding, but hey, let’s just forget about it” approach. And you know what? It felt sooo much better to be reacting in this way.

Yet another lesson learnt through The Pollyanna Plan! 🙂

Day 298, Day 298: Today I am so grateful to have been inspired to change the way I react.

67 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

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