It All Depends On How You Look At It – Day 291 of The Pollyanna Plan

Today something pretty significant occurred to me …

After what can only be described as a rubbish night’s sleep, I’ve been feeling exhausted and drained all day. In fact, at lunchtime I announced that I was in the midst of a bad health day, when I suddenly had a flash of realisation.

I had already been for a 20 minute walk with the dogs in the morning, then helped my Mum to give both dogs a bath (not as easy as it sounds – they are two BIG dogs who don’t like bath times.) AND I’d carried on with all the sorting and clearing out that I’m in the middle of.

I thought back to the start of The Pollyanna Plan and recognised that if I’d had a day like today, 291 days ago, I’d have been jumping for joy at how good I was feeling in comparison to my general state of health at that time.

Turns out I’m having a blooming great day after all. Funny what a little perspective can do! 🙂

931900821_1340849887 Image:

Day 291, Reason 291: Today I am so very happy and grateful that what I now consider to be a bad health day, would have been a great health day last year. And I’m so very thankful for The Pollyanna Plan and all the progress I have made. 🙂

74 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

74 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

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