Dear Body, Feel The Love – Day 286 of The Pollyanna Plan

As I was getting dressed this morning, I thought to myself how, even though it’s great that I’ve put on a bit of weight and now look much healthier, I’d be a lot happier if the weight had been more evenly distributed.

I looked with disappointment at my very slightly wobbly tummy and thighs, when suddenly I became totally present and realised exactly what I was doing. I was sending out all these negative feelings and vibes to the Universe about my body and, in terms of the law of attraction, that can’t be doing me any good…. AT ALL!

After all, this is the body that has got me through the past 34 years pretty much in tact. It is also the very same body which has performed miraculous feats of healing and recovery over the past 10 months, and there I was disliking parts of it for not looking a certain way. Crazy!

This got me thinking….

Isn’t it funny how we live in a society where it has become a social norm to dislike our bodies? In fact, it’s quite commonplace to have conversations with family and friends about our least favourite parts of our bodies and how much we don’t like them.

After everything that my body does for me, day in and day out, the least I could do is send it some love and appreciation. And I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that if I take the time to love and thank my body more often, it just might return to wellness a little quicker.

So, today I have spent the day saying thank you to my body, especially those parts I may not have been too nice about in the past – to my thyroid for healing so well, to my immune system for doing its job, to my slightly wobbly tummy for helping to nourish me, to my slightly jiggly thighs for standing, walking and (very occasionally and only for short periods of time) running and to my lovely shiny hair (regardless of the fact that it is falling out too much!)

From now on, I’m going to do my upmost to speak kindly of my body. After all, it’s the only one I have and it’s been pretty good to me!

Day 286, Reason 286: Today I am so very grateful to every part of my marvellous body and I’m sending it lots of love.


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2 thoughts on “Dear Body, Feel The Love – Day 286 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Too true, it’s a trap most of us fallible humans fall into from time to time, myself included. It’s difficult to be grateful for what we have when ‘things’ keep cropping up to remind us of “The way we were”…. Susan x

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