Too Excited For Words – Day 279 of The Pollyanna Plan

The following takes place somewhere between 11:30 – 12:00 this morning, when an inspired thought suddenly popped into my head.

Me: You know how it’s our dream to move to Australia, but we don’t know how we’re going  to get visas?

Mum: Yes….

Me: What we could do is go for a few months on a tourist visa first to suss things out! You know how in The Secret that guy says something like “go test drive that new car you’re dreaming of”? Well, it would be kinda like that…only better! 🙂

Mum: *Long pause for thought*……We could go this winter and be there for the summer in Australia?

Me: *Deafening squeal of excitement followed by a dance round the kitchen*

Nothing has been decided for definite, but just the possibility is thrilling. It has been years since we’ve been away on holiday and the fact that I am now well enough to even consider it…. well…. there are no words!

Day 279, Reason 279: Today I am beside myself with joy, happiness and unadulterated excitement at the thought of going to Australia very soon and being another step closer to my big dream of moving there. Woohoo! 😀



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11 thoughts on “Too Excited For Words – Day 279 of The Pollyanna Plan

    1. 🙂 Thanks, Jennifer! What I like about Australia is the climate, the beaches, the relaxed lifestyle, friendly people etc (which is all very similar to where I live now) but there are so many more opportunities and things to do with like minded people.

  1. I have a vision that in the New Year (when you make a new blog or continue chapter 2 of this one – as you must because we all need a lil’ Pollyanna in our day!) that you will be writing from some warm beach after receiving a business class upgrade from Emirates! 🙂

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