Time For A Treat – Day 271 of The Pollyanna Plan

Once in a while, we all deserve to treat ourselves. So, today my Mum and I went to a spa!

It’s not something we’d normally do, but we received an email last week from a new hotel/spa in the area, offering 50% discounts on all treatments over the next few days.

Usually, I’d think to myself “how nice!” and then promptly forget all about it, but my Mum suggested that we both deserved a treat and I thought that sounded like a jolly good idea.

And so this morning, I had a very relaxing facial treatment in a very posh spa! I wasn’t expecting it to be so opulent and, not being used to such things, I found it all rather exciting – we had to change into robes and funny slipper things and everything! Then, after our luxurious treatments, we reclined in the “relaxation room” and listened to Enya type music whilst sipping tea. 🙂

The only downside was that I’ve got an upset stomach today, so I’m not feeling the best. BUT, the fact that I was still able to go to the spa, and enjoy it in spite of feeling yucky, is really a testament to how much better/healthier/stronger I am becoming. Yippee!


Day 271, Reason 271: Today I am really happy to have treated myself to a lovely spa facial and I’m so very grateful that I felt healthy enough to actually go!

Oh and my skin is positively glowing! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Time For A Treat – Day 271 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Wow, such a deal! I’m glad you were able to do that! Personally I find it a little weird to have that sort of thing done – I got a massage once and felt orange all day afterwards. Just…totally…orange. Plus it was kind of boring. But I know other people love it! 🙂

    1. Hehehe! You do make me laugh! But I get what you mean – I’m the same with a massage (though I can’t felt say I felt orange, just felt kind of weird.) The facial was a lot less intrusive and I had a hand massage during the treatment, which was very nice. 🙂

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