Look What I Made! – Day 267 of The Pollyanna Plan

Ta- dah! *Takes a bow!* Here are my almond biscuits made from almond flour (I ground the almonds in a blender), coconut oil, honey and lemon juice:

IMG_0707Image: copyright – https://thepollyannaplan.wordpress.com

I’m well aware that for most people, baking isn’t much of an achievement, but for me it’s HUGE. Mainly because I actually had enough energy and felt healthy enough this afternoon to make biscuits (usually my wonderful Mum makes them for me.) And also because I have very limited experience on the cooking/baking front. Basically, I’m rubbish at it!

But not today. 🙂 This afternoon, I happily whipped up these grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, most other things-free biscuits  and ok, they’re not perfect and they look kind of funny, but they taste YUMMY, which, after all is the whole point.

Now, there’s a whole host of other recipes I’d like to try – thanks to all my food intolerances I have to be creative, but that’s ok. In fact, it’s more than ok, it’s actually kind of fun.

Day 267, Reason 267: Today I am really, REALLY happy and grateful that I felt well enough and inspired enough to make almond biscuits.

Off to eat another one now!

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11 thoughts on “Look What I Made! – Day 267 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. These look great! Baking is a huge achievement for me too. I haven’t been well enough to do any recently and I hate it! Can’t wait to get symptoms under control enough to bake something simple!

  2. The moment these almond biscuits appeared on the screen, my husband, who was on the other side of the living room said, “What are those? They look good!” :)…………

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