Signs From The Universe – Day 259 of The Pollyanna Plan

This morning I woke up feeling very sore from my chiropractic treatment yesterday and in addition I also had really painful, inflamed gums.

At first, I put this down to a reaction to the treatment, as it’s on the same side as my seized-up shoulder. But then I remembered something that keeps popping up, in books, blogs I read, things I listen to – even my chiropractor mentioned this yesterday. And that is, “Life keeps handing you the lesson you need to learn, until you learn it.”

But I couldn’t figure out what this lesson was, so I decided to put it out there and ask the Universe. Then, out of the blue, I suddenly recalled something that Louise Hay says in You Can Heal Your Life that pain of any sort is an indication of guilt.

I realised that I have been feeling very guilty and blaming myself for being ill all these years, when I could have done all the things that I am discovering through The Pollyanna Plan to help me  a lot sooner.

I know what you might be thinking – how can I blame myself when I didn’t know any better? But you see, I did know some of this stuff before, I just wasn’t applying it to my life.

So, this afternoon I have been using EFT (tapping) to help me release these feelings of guilt and blame. I know I’ll have to work on it, but at least I’m getting there.

And then this picture appeared in my Facebook news feed:


Day 259, Reason 259: Today I am so happy and grateful for the signs that keep showing up in my life, to let me know that I am on the right path.

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5 thoughts on “Signs From The Universe – Day 259 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Hmm. Well, releasing guilt is a very good thing, but I think there is probably a physical cause for your illness. Do get checked for Lyme if you haven’t yet – so many of the things you mention could easily fit that profile. The neck spasms, headaches, fevers, severe fatigue, sore gums, etc. are all ringing a bell there. Please have a look at the symptom list below and see if it resonates at all. If you do have it, the sooner you get treated, the better, as it can have lasting neurological effects.

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