From The Inside Out – Day 258 of The Pollyanna Plan

Day 258, Reason 258: Today I am so happy and grateful for all the changes I am making on the inside.

This afternoon I went to see my amazing chiropractor, who has sorted out my neck and shoulder problems and put me back in alignment. Yippee!

Although, she has banned me from using a computer for at least 4-5 more days. Not so yippee, especially for my assistant, Mum, who has to type this for me as I dictate. Looking on the bright side though, I’m going to have great fun typing my posts and replying to all your comments as soon as I’m allowed back at the keyboard. 🙂

Anyway, where was I? Oh I know… so, over the past few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about where this neck pain originated. It occurred to me that my neck started to seize up right around the time I had a breakthrough with EFT – tapping.

During my treatment this afternoon, I broached this subject with my chiropractor, who agreed that my neck could have seized up because my body was clinging on to all these emotions from the past I’ve been working so hard to release and let go of.

In fact, half way through the treatment I was feeling so awful from the pain (very nauseous and dizzy) when suddenly, without any warning, I burst into floods of tears. It was so strange, as I wasn’t feeling in the least bit sad and the tears came completely out of the blue. But from that moment onward, the treatment became a lot easier and I left feeling fantastic, as if a huge weight had been lifted.

To me it served as yet more evidence of the big changes I’ve been making on the inside, which after all is where all change begins.

These changes have only just started to manifest on the outside, but I know with absolute certainty that more and more GREAT things are going to happen in my life. 🙂

107 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

107 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

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6 thoughts on “From The Inside Out – Day 258 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Wow, this is very interesting. I’m glad to hear that you’re starting to make some big breakthroughs, both physically and otherwise!

    Sorry, I’ve been out of town for a while. Looking forward to getting caught up, though! 🙂

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