A Lamb, A Chicken and A Chiropractor – Day 256 of The Pollyanna Plan

Let’s start with the lamb and the chicken. ….

Having spent the entire day in pain, yet again, I went out onto the balcony late this afternoon for some fresh air and a change of scene. Our house is set on a hill-side, over-looking a farm, so there is always something to see.

I was feeling particularly glum until I spotted three tiny lambs frolicking in the field below. They were hopping and skipping, and jumping off all four feet with glee, full of the joys of life. That alone made me smile, but I really giggled out loud when one of the lambs bounced after a big chicken, who squawked angrily and chased after the lamb. The lamb thought this was a brilliant game, and tried it a good few times more, much to my amusement!



Image: www.yorkpress.co.uk

Now on to the chiropractor ….

Whilst I was watching this scene unfold, I received a call from my chiropractor, whom I had messaged earlier in the day, asking for help. She is wonderful and talked me through some gentle exercises and movements that should help to free up my badly seized up muscles. I’m still not able to type, so yet again I’m dictating this (slowly) to my assistant, Mum. Thank you Mum.

The exercises my chiropractor gave me are helping a little already, but I may have to go and see her later in the week. I am so very grateful to her for her help in my hour of need.

Day 256, Reason 256: Today I am extremely grateful to a lamb and a chicken for lifting my spirits, and to my lovely chiropractor for her expert advice.

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5 thoughts on “A Lamb, A Chicken and A Chiropractor – Day 256 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. I wish I could see some lambs and chickens from my window. I only get a view of the duplex across the street from my house and the highway in the distance! 😉

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