A Goal in Progress – Day 254 of The Pollyanna Plan

Day 254, reason 254: Today I’m very grateful for this neck injury, as it’s given me time to think, reflect and work on a change of tactics.

Firstly, a big thank you to my assistant, (Mum), who is typing this for me today, as I can’t sit at the computer, but I am MUCH better than yesterday. Yippee!

This morning, I continued listening to the personal development audio book, Creating a Bug Free Mind, by Andy Shaw, when something he said grabbed my full attention. He was talking about how he calls The Law of Attraction, The Law of Creation, and how we already know how to create the things in life we desire, as we’ve done this many times in our lives before, for all sorts of different things.

The secret to creating what you desire right now, is to take yourself back to those times when you manifested what you wanted into your life, and figure out how you did it – what you were thinking and which actions you took to get there. So that’s what I’ve been using my time stuck in bed for today.

And I think I may have cracked the next part of the puzzle. You see, over the past twenty years of chronic illness, there have been times when I have been much healthier, and able to lead a normal(ish) life.  Through thinking back over the past today, I’ve realised that the times when my health has improved, have been the times when I had a goal to aim for – something that I KNEW I would accomplish, no matter what.

For example, it took me 5 years to finish my 3 year university course, but, during this time, it never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t get my degree, and I didn’t doubt for one minute that I wouldn’t recover and be healthy enough to do it.

So, with this in mind, I have been working on a new goal. The goal I had been using, “I desire to be perfectly healthy”  isn’t concrete enough, as it’s really hard to visualise perfect health in its absence.

Instead, I have been thinking of goals which aren’t health related at all, but for which I will need good health in order to achieve them. I haven’t quite come up with the perfect one yet; it’s still a work in progress, but I’ve really enjoyed the process and it’s completely taken my mind off the pain I’m in.

I’ll keep you posted.


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4 thoughts on “A Goal in Progress – Day 254 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. I do that too! My get better goal was really vague and hard to visualize so I started picturing myself and my partner on the beach holding a toddler and laughing. Being healthy for me = being able to have a baby and being able to go on holiday to an exotic beach so that’s what I visualize and I notice I smile whenever I think of it. Good luck working out your goals and hope they make you smile.

  2. I have not heard of this book – but I did train as a life coach and have read widely this genre. I also realised this – through my illness. I realised at Christmas time 2012 that the last time I was truly happy was a long time ago, when I was doing what I am meant to do – leading with my heart – achieving goals (before the days I learnt to write them down and the step stone process of achieving them…) this revelation lead me to CHANGE MY LIFE COMPLETELY:
    Like the major (and somewhat mad decision) to buy a house and give up my job at the same time.
    I still have my apartment on the market and it will be better when I have SOLD that!
    I love living with Mr G after 6 years of too-ing and froing between our pads….
    I have asked for money to flow
    and have had plenty of work,
    I have managed to cover both properties and expenses for the rest of this year and only believe this situation will get better – as they say – a boat is safe in harbour…. but that is not what a boat was built for….. take risks, jump, aspire, inspire…. you will feel better mentally and physically – I promise x

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