Recruiting For A WordPress Flashmob – Day 251 of The Pollyanna Plan

Today started with such promise. I was feeling well, I had some energy and I was planning to get out of the house and see the outside world, when disaster struck.

Well, not a proper disaster, but I did crick my neck badly. OUCH! Since then, I’ve been confined to the sofa, as sitting, standing, moving and just breathing hurts too much. 😦

So, there was nothing for it, but to put on an Ally McBeal DVD in an attempt to cheer myself up. I am now onto the second series box set and, as chance should have it, the episode I watched this afternoon is the one where John Cage (aka The Biscuit) first dances to Barry White’s, My First, My Last, My Everything.

I LOVE that dance – it’s crazy, but I love it! It never fails to make me smile and it has really lifted my spirits and helped me feel much more like my happy, positive self again.

And you know what? As soon as my neck feels better, I am going to learn the moves to The Biscuit Dance!  If anyone else wants to join me, we could form our very own WordPress flashmob. Now, wouldn’t that be fun? 🙂

Here’s a compilation of the dance through the series if you’d like to start rehearsal – for now I shall take notes from the sofa:

Day 251, Reason 251: Today I am grateful for The Biscuit Dance, which has cheered me up immensely and I’m looking forward to learning the intricate choreography 😉  Oh and also, I’m very happy to have completed my juicing challenge – which hasn’t been so much of a juicing challenge, as a washing up challenge!!

September Juicing Challenge Extra Day 2 – A plain carrot juice to complete my juicing challenge. Hoorah!

114 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

114 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

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