Outside World This Is Pollyanna Calling – Day 236 of The Pollyanna Plan

Just a quick post from me as I’m flagging big time this evening, BUT… guess what?!

I had a visitor today! Hooray – Big smiles all round! 🙂

Since this latest health glitch, I haven’t been well enough to leave the house for a few long weeks or to see anyone other than my Mum… apart from a trip to the doctor’s at the weekend, which (no offence to him) definitely does not count.

Being confined at home and shut off from the outside world can be extremely isolating and lonely, so it really was lovely to have a visit this afternoon from my Mum’s friend who is over on holiday.

Just sitting and chatting is pretty hard going for me at the moment, but even though I don’t feel good, I really enjoyed catching up on all the news and having a good old chin wag. Plus, my Mum’s friend is also a creative type and always comes up with fabulous new ideas for my handmade pieces.

Day 236, Reason 236: Today I am really happy and grateful to have had a visitor and some much needed face to face contact from the outside world.


Image source: http://www.zazzle.co.uk

September Juicing Challenge – Day 17, Juice 17:  I must confess that I haven’t juiced today. I’m too exhausted now and need to think about dinner, so I shall add an extra juice day onto the end of my challenge to make up for it. Feeling bad though!

129 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

129 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

If you would like to sponsor me on my journey to find 365 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful for 365 days, by making a donation to Save the Children, I would be extremely grateful. 

Just £5.00 pays for enough Plumpy Nut to treat a severely malnourished child for 3 months, in one of Save the Children’s feeding programmes. 

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