It’s All About Wellness – Day 229 of The Pollyanna Plan

Yesterday, I asked the Universe for some help. I put a question out there asking what step I need to take next to regain good health.

You’d think with all this feeling positive and happy I’ve been doing that I’d be feeling much better physically. The thing is that my health really was improving vastly until this setback hit a few weeks ago.

So, I thought, why not ask? It really can’t do any harm.

Then, last night I had a flash of inspiration. I’d try some more EFT (emotional freedom technique.) I started searching for an EFT video online that focused on health.

Straight away, a video jumped out at me as being the one I needed to watch. A  video by David Childerley called The Wellness Vortex EFT Tap Along. How strange that “wellness” had featured in my blog post yesterday, when I’ve never really used the word before. I knew this had to be a sign.

In the video, David mentions how the vibration of the word “healing” is too closely related to “illness.” So one of the strategies he suggests is to delete the word “healing” from our vocabulary and internal language.

I realised that I’ve using the-word-which-must-not-be-named quite frequently in my blog posts, in general life and in my head. I get what he’s saying, as the word implies that there is something we need to struggle against, battle with and overcome in order to be health. When in fact wellness is our natural state of being and what’s needed is more of an allowing of wellness to flow rather than the h-word.

So, from now on I am focusing my attention upon wellness and how fantabulous it feels to be healthy, fit and strong.

And I tell you what, having watching the video and followed along with the EFT tapping a few times already, I’ve noticed an improvement in my health today. Ok, so I’m not exactly running marathons yet, but it won’t be long! 😉

Day 229, Reason 229: Today I am so very grateful to the Universe for giving me a helping hand and I’m feeling really happy to be focusing on wellness. 🙂

Here’s the video I watched:

September Juicing Challenge – Day 10, Juice 10:  It’s all about the carrot juice at the moment!

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