Nothing Stands Still – Day 224 of The Pollyanna Plan

“Everything flows, nothing stands still. ” Heraclitus

Just when I thought I was really getting somewhere and improving my health through the power of happy, positive feelings, I’ve had to contend with this latest setback and all the rubbishy symptoms that go with it.

I’ve been sticking to the commitment I set myself with The Pollyanna Plan and finding my daily reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful, but there comes a point where frustration, disappointment and general fed-upness begins to creep back in. And that point was today.

However, if I’ve learnt anything over the past 224 days it is that these negative feelings and thoughts do not help in any way shape or form. As Andy Shaw says in his book A Bug Free Mind, “every thought either takes you towards or away from your goal…nothing stands still.”

With this in mind, I began to think about and look at my current situation a little differently and started to choose the thoughts that would take me towards my goal of good health and not rapidly in the other direction.

As soon as I set my mind to choosing more positive thoughts, I realised that the pain in my neck has all but vanished today – funny how fast you forget about pain in it’s absence. Yesterday, it felt as if my neck pain would be around for a long, long time, but within the past 24 hours it is feeling significantly better. Hurrah! This must mean that even though it didn’t feel like it, my body was busy healing and doing it’s thing.

It may feel like I’m stuck (health wise) at the moment and some days it may even feel like my health will never improve, but I’m beginning to realise that life is a little like a river flowing steadily and slowly downstream. We may think that the river flows day in and day out and it always looks the same, but under the surface great changes are taking place, as the water carves out new routes and deposits sediment.

River Flowing Underneath Large Tree in Cambodia


We may not be able to see or feel these changes, sometimes they so very subtle, but change is always happening in our lives – nothing stands still. And from this day forth (always wanted to write that) I intend to choose thoughts and feeling that take me towards perfect health and happiness. 🙂

Day 224, Reason 224: Today I am so very grateful for the realisation that nothing stands still and the faith I have that my health will improve.

September Juicing Challenge – Day 5, Juice 5:  Carrot, apple, with a tiny piece of ginger juice for me today! Yummy!

141 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

141 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

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14 thoughts on “Nothing Stands Still – Day 224 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. I am so working on trying very hard to have this positive attitude every day. I use mindfulness and meditation, but I’ve been having a little setback today and can only pray tomorrow will be better. I take it just one day at a time. Peace.

  2. Well done for finding a positive from a negative. With neck pain (I had whiplash a few years ago so I do know), moving it as much as you can really helps heal it and ease it. 🙂

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