My Happy Places – Day 223 of The Pollyanna Plan

Day 223, Reason 223: Today I am so grateful for all my happy places!

My neck is still really painful and as a result I didn’t get much sleep last night. Pain, fatigue and generally feeling blah does not a happy Pollyanna make!

In fact, I sat down to write this post an hour and a half ago, but I’ve just been typing then deleting, as I couldn’t find a good enough, genuine reason to feel glad/happy/joyful today.

But, just now I came across this picture on Facebook and not only did it make me smile, but it also got me thinking…


….about my happy place!

My happy place is a place I go to in my mind when things in “reality” aren’t so cool! A place and a time where I am perfectly healthy and bursting with energy and vitality. A beautiful place where my soul feels at peace and my heart is filled with love and joy.

So, to help me really get into the feeling of my happy place and to visualise it a little more clearly, I began searching for some inspiration online. With each picture and place I found, the happier I felt and it completely took my mind off how rubbish I feel physically. Result! 🙂

You see, I didn’t just find 1 happy place, I found LOTS of happy places! Here are just a few…


This is my house in my happy place! Anyone want to come and visit me here? You’re always welcome! 🙂


And this is where I go to dance under the umbrellas


This leads to my secret, magical woodland


Here is my happy place beach


Oh and this is where I go to write and to get lost in stories! 🙂

Thinking about, writing about and finding pictures about my happy places has been a lot of fun and has completely turned my mood around. I’m now back to my happy, positive, Pollyanna self.

Gotta go now…my happy places are calling me back!

September Juicing Challenge – Day 4, Juice 4:  Plain carrot juice today – yesterday’s experiment with cabbage was NOT good!!

142 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

142 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

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4 thoughts on “My Happy Places – Day 223 of The Pollyanna Plan

    1. I didn’t keep them, but you’ve given me inspiration to make a Pinterest board of my happy places! Yey! Won’t that be fun! 🙂 Thank you. xx

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