The Glad/Happy/Joyful Game – Day 218 of The Pollyanna Plan

“The game was to just find something about everything to be glad about—no matter what ’twas”
Eleanor H. Porter, Pollyanna

Day 218, Reason 218: Today I feel incredibly grateful, happy, joyful, honoured and blessed to have been interviewed on The Savvy Sister’s blog! 🙂

Please pop over and read my interview, which is featured in today’s post Can a positive attitude improve your physical health?

Incase you haven’t already come across her, The Savvy Sister is truly inspiring and her blog is packed full of helpful tips and advice on how to live a healthier, happier life.

A HUGE MASSIVE thank you to her for supporting me and spreading the word about The Pollyanna Plan and the glad/happy/joyful game. 🙂

Glad game


31 Day Giving Challenge – Day 30 Gift 30: Today I gave away more clothes to a local charity….may need to go shopping soon! 🙂

147 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

147 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

 Save the Children are working to help the children of Syria and their families by providing them with food, safe water, medicine, shelter and support.  If you would like to sponsor me on my journey to find 365 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful for 365 days, by making a donation to Save the Children, I would be most grateful. 



JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

You can donate using your chosen currency  through my Just Giving page (please click on the tab above.)

ALL donations go directly to Save the Children.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


8 thoughts on “The Glad/Happy/Joyful Game – Day 218 of The Pollyanna Plan

    1. Oh, thank you! 🙂 Sometimes it’s really hard going to feel happy and positive, but if you dig deep you’ll definitely find something, no matter how small it is, to feel glad about. Sending you healing vibes and big hugs. xx

    1. Thank you so much Kellie! I’m so happy that you’re joining in the giving challenge. Mine was inspired by Cami Walker and her 29 Day Giving Challenge, but I added two extra days so that it would fit into the month of August. It’s been brilliant and I know that you will enjoy it too. Best of luck! I’d love to hear how you get on. 🙂 x

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment! 🙂 Of course it’s not too late – I’ve still got another 146 days to go! I’m so pleased to have you along for the journey. 🙂

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