Stress Not – Day 209 of The Pollyanna Plan

Day 209, Reason 209: Today I am so grateful that, although I’m still not well and I’ve got 101 things to do, I have managed not to get stressed.


Being busy with orders and commissions for my handmade items is great. In fact, it’s way better than great, it’s fantabulous! However, having a rush of orders (well, two) come in when I still have this pesky, persistent low grade fever and I feel rotten isn’t ideal.

In the past, being busy would inevitably lead to me getting worried about meeting deadlines. Being busy AND ill would have tipped me over into full on stress mode.

But, today I have been employing tactics to remain calm and relaxed, in spite of having the odds against me.

1. Prioritising  

The first order came in on Monday and is a big project, which requires me to work out a design as well as make the item. The second is an order I received yesterday and is for a custom made item that I make a lot of.

I was trying to get the big project completed first, as it only seemed fair since this order was made before the other one. However, the second order has a shorter deadline and, when I sat down and thought about it, I realised that it would be more sensible to stop the big project and make this quicker, easier item first.


2. Delegating

My lovely Mum offered to help me this afternoon. Usually, I’d want to do everything myself, but today I decided to delegate a few tasks, like cutting out shapes of material, packing up a finished item and asking her to bring me snacks and drinks to save me time and to keep me going. Thanks Mum, you’re a star!

3. Being present

Instead of letting my brain hop about all over the place getting myself stressed out, I concentrated on being totally present whilst I worked.

4. I played the “what is the worst possible scenario” game

Not only am I working against the clock, but for the big project I’m having to design an item to look like a photograph the customer has sent me. It’s going well so far, but I kept worrying about whether my customer will be happy with the finished item or not.

So, I played the “what is the worst possible scenario” game. The  worst possible scenario here would be that I don’t meet my deadlines and that my customer hates the item I’m designing for her. Although this obviously wouldn’t be good, it’s not exactly the end of the world.

The next part of the game is to ask yourself how you would deal with this. In my case, I would just give my customer a full refund. All very simple and straightforward really.

It that’s the worst possible scenario, then there’s no need to stress at all, as I know how to handle it if the situation were to arise and anything other than that will be a piece of cake.

When I think about it like that, there seems little point in ever stressing about anything! 🙂

31 Day Giving Challenge – Day 21 Gift 21: Today I have given a pretty sunhat to a charity that collects items for people who are struggling financially.

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7 thoughts on “Stress Not – Day 209 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Hmm, funny how the blogs I read often seem to have a theme for the day. Today’s theme seems to be reducing stress. I think the inevitable conclusion here is that I should go and take a nap. And I am not delegating that to ANYONE. 🙂

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