A Rescue Mission – Day 201 of The Pollyanna Plan

My Mum and I have just returned home from a rescue mission to help two horses in need.

We were out for an early evening drive, when we spotted a horse in a field who was desperately trying to reach it’s big water barrel for a drink. Horses are often tethered in this country (something I don’t personally agree with) and this particular horse, a black mare, had got the rope from her tether wrapped around a bush and so could no longer get to her water.

Having realised what was the matter, we stopped the car immediately, crossed the stream of traffic of tourists returning from a day at the beach and clambered down a steep bank into the field to help. My Mum unwound the tether, while I calmed and soothed the mare. As soon as she felt the slack in the rope she rushed towards her barrel and began taking long gulps of cooling water.

It was then we noticed that the second horse had knocked over her barrel and didn’t have anything left to drink. In the middle of the field stood a big water deposit with a bucket floating on the top, so between my Mum and I, we lugged bucketfuls of water across the field to fill the second mare’s barrel to the brim. She was extremely grateful, as it has been well over 30 degrees Celcius today.

It was hard, heavy, hot work, but well worth it to see two happy horses.


Our next mission was to find the owner to tell him what had happened. We finally managed to track him down and it turns out that he had been in an accident today and was worrying about his horses. He thanked us profusely for our help. Mission accomplished!

Day 201, Reason 201: Today I am grateful to have been in the right place at the right time to lend a hand.

Oh and I’m also very happy that I’ve had enough energy today to go and visit my Dad this morning (I drove myself) and then after a short nap, I tidied and cleaned my workroom before going out for a drive and completing a rescue mission! Progress indeed! 🙂

31 Day Giving Challenge – Day 13 Gift 13: Today I gave some items to a charity shop.

164 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

164 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

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9 thoughts on “A Rescue Mission – Day 201 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Well done you! I don’t agree with animals being tethered either. One of the great things about the New Forest is that ponies roam free, even if I do find them a touch scary when they block the path. 🙂

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