Bringing My Immune System Back Into Balance – Day 196 of The Pollyanna Plan


Today, I took a brave and bold step forward on my journey towards re-gaining vibrant health. And what a happy day I’ve had! 🙂

This morning, I awoke feeling completely exhausted, drained and groggy yet again, but guided by my intuition – which I’ve now learnt to pay full attention to – I knew that today was the day to take a leap of faith.

Last year, I was treated by a Functional Medicine practitioner, who prescribed me supplements to reduce the severity of my autoimmune disease. Much of what I learnt was invaluable, but unfortunately, as I am highly sensitive and extremely intolerant to so many herbs/foods etc, many of the supplements I was prescribed made me much worse.

So, at the beginning of this year, I decided to take a break from the treatment and allow my body time to recover from the reactions I’d suffered. This also coincided with my idea to begin The Pollyanna Plan and through the incredible power of positive, happy feelings, I have made amazing progress on my journey of recovery.

Throughout the past 6 months, I have also been using The Law of Attraction to manifest into my life anything I need to help me to heal. I’ve believed all along that the Universe will provide me with exactly what I need at the perfect time. Don’t ask me how I know, but today I felt that it was time to take the next step.

First a little biology lesson…I am not in any way a medical or holistic practitioner, but as far as I understand it through my limited knowledge, autoimmune disease is caused by an imbalance in the immune system, leading to the immune system attacking and killing off cells in your own body.

There is a really good explanation of all this over at Autoimmune Paleo, which is well worth a read, but I will try my best to sum it up in my own words.

Ok, so T-helper cells (or TH cells) are a vital part of the immune system. They are divided into sub groups – TH1 and TH2 – and in a healthy person, both sides work together in a nicely balanced way.

However, it is often found that in people with auto-immune diseases, one side of the immune system – either TH1 or TH2 –  is dominant, causing the whole immune system to be thrown out of whack and leading to all kinds of crappy problems (technical term!)

I found out the hard way, which side of my immune system is most likely to be dominant (and therefore causing my immune system to attack the cells in my body) by being prescribed a herb that is a TH1 stimulant. Well, that wasn’t fun AT ALL and the bad reaction lasted several long months. BUT looking on the bright side, it gave me hope that I might be a step closer to healing my body.

The next step in my recovery, would be to try a supplement containing strong doses of herbs that are TH2 stimulants to verify this theory. IF, I am indeed TH1 dominant, than taking these herbs would give my TH2 cells a much needed boost, therefore helping to bring my immune system into balance.

That’s the theory anyway – hope I haven’t confused you too much – but in practice, who knows what will happen – it could help me to feel much better, or much, much worse if the theory that I’m TH1 dominant isn’t correct. So, as I’m sure you can understand, after all the negative reactions I have had in the past to supplements, I’ve been having a break both physically and emotionally and haven’t felt brave enough to give this particular supplement a try.

BUT, today I had a strong feeling that I was ready to go for it. Having learnt from experience, I broke the capsule open and only took a tiny amount with my breakfast this morning to test. I’m quite proud of myself, as I felt very confident that this would be a good thing for me, and I carried on my morning activities without worrying about the consequences.

Until it reached mid-day, when it dawned on me that I was feeling a hell of a lot better!! Wheeeehheeeeeeeeee!!!! This means that it’s very likely that I am indeed TH1 dominant AND that this new supplement should really help me. I’m so happy!

Ok, I know it’s only been one day and I have to see how I tolerate a slightly higher dose, but who cares about all that for now, because today I am just… well I’ll let my reason explain…

Day 196, Reason 196: Today I am over the moon to be feeling much better after taking my new supplement and I am so grateful for the intuitive nudge that gave me the courage to take this step. 

31 Day Giving Challenge – Day 8, Gift 8: Today I gave my dog, Jude, Reiki healing on her bad leg. I think she rather liked it! 🙂

169 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

169 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find


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