Deliberate Creation And Driftwood Spotting – Day 191 of The Pollyanna Plan

A couple of weeks ago I realised that, although I’ve been focusing on happiness and reasons to feel grateful each day, I’ve been neglecting to do any deliberate creation. What I mean, is that I haven’t been working with the Law of Attraction in a conscious way to manifest what I desire into my life.

So, I made a decision a few days ago to spend some time each day, firstly feeling grateful for all the wonderful people, things and circumstances in my life, and then to move onto feeling grateful for things I’d like to manifest – I pretend they have already happened and give thanks for them.

One of the things I’ve been focusing on is manifesting positive, happy, like-minded friends.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I moved back to my home country to live with my Mum when I became too ill to live alone. I had to leave all my friends behind and since then (6 and a half long years ago) I’ve been so unwell that I haven’t been able to get out and socialise to meet people. The few friends I had here have all moved abroad, so I rarely see or speak to anyone apart from my Mum these days, and now that my health is improving (yippee!) I really feel how isolated I have become – I was too ill before to even notice!

This is where deliberate creation comes in. For the past few days I have been feeling grateful for the friends I do have (even if I don’t get to see them as they are scattered around the world,) re-living memories of good times with friends and visualising how great it is that I’ve met some lovely friends here.

Then, this morning, I read a wonderful post on Jeannette Maw’s Good Vibe Blog about Evidence Logs & Success Journals and I learnt all about Driftwood Spotting.

To quote Jeannette, “Driftwood spotting is where we consciously celebrate the signs that we’re getting closer to our dream come true.  (Driftwood is what sailors rejoice in when they’re looking for land.)”


I loved the concept of this, so I set about spotting my own driftwood. Here is what I came up with:

. I am already making positive, happy, like-minded, awesome friends through The Pollyanna Plan. Yeayy!

.  I now have a Facebook account which means that I hear from my friends round the world far more frequently and I’ve re-connected with a few long lost friends.

. The same goes for What’s App – a great way to keep in touch with friends abroad!

. I’m making friends with fellow crafters through networking on Facebook.

Ok, so far none of you lovely friends live here and it’s not like we can meet up for a coffee or pop round to each other’s houses for a chat. BUT, this is the beauty of driftwood, it doesn’t have to be the exact manifestation of what you want, it just has to be signs that it is on it’s way to you.

I was feeling pretty pleased with my list of driftwood, when something rather cool happened….

My Mum came back from meeting her friend for coffee, saying that she’d met a friend for me! Long story short, she met a friend of a friend’s daughter in law, who is around my age and a lovely, positive person. My Mum was talking to her about me and she passed on her number and said we should meet up sometime! That’s a pretty big chunk of driftwood, don’t you think?  Thank you Universe! 🙂

Day 191, Reason 191: Today I am so grateful for all the driftwood that is taking me towards my dream of meeting new friends.

31 Day Giving Challenge – Day 3, Gift 3: Today I gave my Mum a CD of happy music that I’d compiled. 

174 days to go of The Pollyanna Plan

174 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find


… WE DID IT! We raised £365 for Save the Children in just 178 days – Truly amazing – And now our total stands at £377.99!!!

Let’s see how much MORE we can raise together in 365 days. 

Even a small donation goes a long , long way:

Just £1.25 buys enough bottles of Fansidar syrup for the treatment of 5 children with Malaria.

If you would like to sponsor me and The Pollyanna Plan, please click on the tab below. You can donate using your chosen currency and ALL donations go directly to Save the Children.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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