Footloose And Heartworm Free! – Day 179 of The Pollyanna Plan

Today has been a happy day indeed! This morning, Bojangles went to the vet to see whether the treatment he had for heartworm (way back on Day 8 of The Pollyanna Plan) has worked.


We found Bojangles wandering the countryside at the end of last year. He had been abandoned, he was starving, had a badly broken leg which had already set out of place, and sadly he had also contracted heart worm (parasitic worms that live in, and damage, the heart) from living outdoors.

He was a nervous wreck, who was scared of his own shadow and had never been inside a house before. He was terrified of being indoors and it took days of gentle persuasion and encouragement to get him anywhere near the stairs.

But, now he is totally unrecognisable from the dog we found all those months ago and in February, he bravely endured the 2 rounds of painful injections to treat him for heart worm.

Now, six months later….


Two lines would mean that he still has heart worm, BUT the ONE line showing in his test shows that he is officially heartworm free! Yippeee!!! Either that, or he’s having puppies! 😉

So, in spite of feeling completely shattered today from yet another sleepless night (writing this has been a real struggle,) it has been a day for celebration!

Day 179, Reason 179: Today I am so very happy and grateful that Bojangles has been given a clean bill of health.

186 days to go

186 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find


… WE DID IT! We raised £365 for Save the Children in just 178 days – Truly amazing!

Let’s see how much MORE we can raise together in 365 days. 

Even a small donation goes a long , long way:

Just £0.31 buys 8 sachets of Oral Dehydration Salt for a child suffering from dehydration.

If you would like to sponsor me and The Pollyanna Plan, please click on the tab below. You can donate in your chosen currency and ALL donations go directly to Save the Children.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

4 thoughts on “Footloose And Heartworm Free! – Day 179 of The Pollyanna Plan

    1. He certainly can! 🙂 Yep, I’ve been trying tapping (all night long) to help me sleep, but haven’t had much success yet. Will keep going and hope that the increase in my thyroid meds will help – see today’s post! 😉

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