Blowing Away The Cobwebs – Day 164 of The Pollyanna Plan

Having had such a fantastic birthday yesterday, today has been somewhat of an anticlimax. Yet another night of restless sleep, combined with the return of a nasty sore throat and other hay fever related symptoms has left me feeling very under par.

My spirits were lifted this afternoon when Andy Murray won the final of Wimbledon – the first Brit to do so in 77 years. I’m not an Andy Murray fan, but I couldn’t help being impressed by his tennis, strength, determination and courage today. He played like a champion and thoroughly deserved to win.

So, I was all set for that to be my reason to feel glad/happy/joyful today, when disaster struck – well maybe just a mini disaster. I was pretty exhausted by the time I wrote my blog post last night, after going out for my birthday day trip. And I was super excited and over eager to download the photos from my new SLR camera onto my computer. So, I connected the camera with the USB cable and the photos downloaded automatically to the photo editor on my mac. Job done!

Only today, I found a small slip of paper in the box my camera came in, with a warning that you must first install the cd software BEFORE connecting the camera to your computer. Oh! 😦 I tried downloading the software, hoping it might miraculously work anyway, but no joy.

I was completely gutted (I know you don’t like that word, Jennifer, but it sums up my feelings perfectly!) as I think I may have ruined my amazing new camera. And I was really cross with myself for not carefully reading all the instructions first – although in my defence, there was no mention of this important fact until page 74 of the instruction manual.

After several efforts to rectify the problem (nothing worked,) desperate google searches and a fraught email sent to the camera manufacturer, my mood plummeted like a lead balloon. But, finally, I conceded that there was nothing else I could do.

So, I went out for a walk with my Mum and the dogs, still feeling pretty sorry for myself. But, as we walked in the cooler evening air, something magical started to happen. I began to take note and feel grateful for the beauty of the surrounding countryside, the sound of the birds singing and the feel of the breeze as it cooled my skin – a welcome relief after the heat of the day.

With each step, I felt lighter, calmer and more at peace, as I gradually let go of the negative emotions which had been weighing me down. By the time we returned home, I felt much more like my happy, positive self again. Phew!


Day 164, Reason 164: Today I am so grateful for the therapeutic power of  gentle walk to blow away the cobwebs.

Oh and if any of you clever people know how I can fix my camera problem, I’d be sooooo grateful for any advice! 🙂

201 days to go

201 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find


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5 thoughts on “Blowing Away The Cobwebs – Day 164 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Hmm, I’d need to know what model camera you have, if you want to say. First thing you should probably do, though, is call customer service – I’m sure there’s a number in the manual. People must do that all the time, I’m sure. I’ll bet they can sort it out for you. 🙂

  2. Seems a. It odd the camera worked the first time you used it, even though you didn’t download the software, have you tried again? I like that your finding joy in little things, that is mainly what I’m trying to do on my blog, and walking is one of my great joys 🙂

    1. Hi Marie!

      Thank you very much for your comment. I’m so sorry not to have replied before, but I’ve only just found all your comments stuck in my Spam folder! 😦

      I’ve now got the camera working and the software downloaded properly. Hoorah! Going for a walk definitely helped me get things in perspective though. A walk can cure many things! 🙂

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