A Happy, Happy Birthday – Day 163 of The Pollyanna Plan

Today has been the BEST birthday I’ve had for years! It has been a wonderful day for so many reasons, I don’t even know where to begin. The main difference between this birthday and others I’ve had in recent years is wholly down to the progress I have made with my health, life and mindset since I began The Pollyanna Plan.

The very best thing about today is that, even though I had a lousy night’s sleep last night and was feeling pretty tired, I still managed to go out and really enjoy myself.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. So, here are all the reasons why today has been such a happy, happy birthday.

  • I’m feeling so much better than I have done for the past few years – I know I’m repeating myself, but it’s too good not to say again! 🙂
  • Last year, not many people remembered my birthday (see yesterday’s post,) so before I went to bed last night, I visualised writing this blog post saying how great it was that I had a few messages etc from friends today. And guess what? Yep, that’s right, EVERYONE remembered my birthday this year. My phone was pinging and ringing all morning with messages and calls. I really couldn’t believe it. It totally made my day! (As I write this blog anonymously and I’ve only told my Mum and my best friend that I’m even writing a blog, it wasn’t because friends had read my post from the day before!)
  • My parents bought me the BEST present EVER – an SLR camera that I’d put in my vision album a few months ago, never imagining for one second that I’d actually get one! Thank you so much Mum and Dad! Now, I need to learn to use it properly, so you can look forward to lots of photos in future posts!

Here’s the first photo from my new camera:


Copyright – ThePollyannaPlan.Wordpress.com

  • My Mum and I went for a day trip (yep, I even had the energy for that) to a little village up in the hills, where there is a beautiful river and picnic area. It was 39 degrees Celcius today, so the shade from the canopy of the trees was very welcome. There were lots of people up there, having picnics and swimming in the river and it felt like they were all celebrating my birthday with me. The photo above shows a quiet area!
  • My Mum took a photo of me down by river and we have just been comparing photos of me this year to a photo taken on my last birthday. What a difference! I not only feel so much better, I also LOOK so much better. I’m sure all my positive, happy thoughts have contributed to this too. Yey!!
  • The bougainvillea was out in full bloom all the way along our route and looked stunning against the blue sky. Time for another photo, I think:


Copyright – ThePollyannaPlan.Wordpress.com

  • My lovely Mum had made me a surprise birthday cake – and as I’m intolerant to ALL grains, cereals, dairy, eggs and much much more, this was no mean feat! 🙂
  • Oh and I just made another sale on my online shop! Woohoo!

Such a wonderful day! And I’ve got a sneaky feeling that my birthday has been a preview of all the great things the year ahead has in store for me. Being 34 rocks! 🙂 🙂


202 days to go

202 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find


£238.68 to raise for Save the Children

The Pollyanna Plan is making such a huge difference to my life and it would give me great joy to be able to pay this forward by making a difference to children’s lives around the world. My target is to raise £365 for Save the Children for 365 days of finding 365 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful.

If you would like to help me reach this target by making a small donation in your chosen currency, please click on the tab below:

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

13 thoughts on “A Happy, Happy Birthday – Day 163 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. I was feeling very sorry for myself today. Your post put things in perspective for me. I’m so glad I’m following your blog. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy, happy birthday! I’m really glad you had such a lovely day – you deserve it! I hope next year is even better, if that’s possible.

    Looking forward to more gorgeous photos with your new camera. Great job! 🙂

  3. Happy birthday – on the right post (see yesterday) I am delighted you had such a wonderful day! And love the camera and the piccies, what a great asset to your blog! 🙂
    Love the universe answering you – even more than it did yesterday! Here’s to your 34th …. I thought we were around the same age (I am a lil’ older – not dwelling on that fact HA! HA!) It’s a great age to be – not yet mid-30’s E N J O Y I T! x

    1. Thank you so much! I had such a great day! Still makes me happy thinking about it. Such a contrast to previous birthdays.

      Being 34 is going to be a fantastic year! Definitely going to make the most of being not yet mid-30’s! hehe! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂 Oh and nice to know we are around the same age. Yet another thing we have in common! 😉

      1. Wow – a true split apart – I like the rest of your readers would love to find out your name – maybe one day, there are lots we share in common – but the most beautiful thing I think is how we fell into the world of blogging and each others lives around the same time and have both gained support and peace just from reading each others words.
        Maybe we were asking the universe for the same thing – and as the universe knows only too well we struggle to listen to ourselves or take our own advice it decided to give us each other 😉

      2. 🙂 Oh how lovely! You have such a beautiful way with words. I’m very grateful that we found each other through our blogs and that we can share in each other’s journeys. xx

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