Something Magical – Day 161 of The Pollyanna Plan

Something magical happens when you make the choice to feel happy now, in this moment, no matter what your current circumstances are.

I began this blog at the end of January 2013, as a way to document a personal experiment to see whether I could improve my health and life through the power of positive feelings. Although I included “life” in there, I was very much all about the health, having suffered from chronic illness for nearly 2 decades.

But, now, nearly six months into The Pollyanna Plan, I’m discovering that there are many more benefits to choosing happiness as a way of life than I could ever have imagined.

Somedays reaching for happy feelings is a monumental, uphill struggle, whilst other days it’s like a gentle paddle downstream. Today is somewhere in the middle, but even on a day when I’m not high up in the stratosphere of happiness, I still feel incredibly grateful for all that I have and all that I’m learning.

And not only is my health improving, slowly but surely, but so is my life.

This morning, I finished off a commissioned handmade piece I’ve been making for a customer, and packed up 2 other items for shipping. I’ve had one of my online shops for over a year and I’m not doing anything differently now than I was six months ago, but sales are noticeably picking up. As is interest in my Facebook business page and I was delighted to receive lots of “likes” and some really positive feedback today.

Then, this afternoon I had a phone call from my half-brother. Due to being ill for so long, I live a very isolated existence, and rarely get to speak to anyone other than my Mum…and sometimes my Dad. Normally the only time my phone rings is if someone dialled a wrong number. So, it felt wonderful to get a real phone call and have a catch up with my bro.

I know these are only little things, but to me they mean the world and serve as my proof that The Pollyanna Plan really is working.

Day 161, Reason 161: Today I am so happy and grateful for ALL the benefits of happy, positive feelings! 🙂

And the very best thing about The Pollyanna Plan, is that life is so much more enjoyable when you focus on the positives in life and feel appreciation and gratitude every day.


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204 days to go

204  reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find


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The Pollyanna Plan is making such a huge difference to my life and it would give me great joy to be able to pay this forward by making a difference to children’s lives around the world. My target is to raise £365 for Save the Children for 365 days of finding 365 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

4 thoughts on “Something Magical – Day 161 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Loved the entry and the picture – it is true I was a happiness seeker for many years travelling away from home and then realising that happiness is me it comes from within I can spend all my money running away but until I spend time on myself I will only experience what I always had.
    A little like you I have focussed this year on driving my own life. I have a illness that affects me mentally so it is extremely difficult to push through on overdrive – sometimes there is success… I have certainly taken back control – I let go 9 years ago I think and it is as if I have suddenly woken up to how old I am and where my life is and what my true desires are. And instead of achieving them one at a time – I set after chasing a whole field of dreams!
    But I am getting there.
    Some have already come to fruition. There have been surprises that have been the best gifts in the world and it really is an incredible life. I wondered why everyone seemed to be moving on and advancing and I was stuck in the mud – I have forgotten the night I stood myself in wet concrete and said – These are the boots of never move on – because this was it – this was your chance and you lost it!
    Evil spirit in me! As if we only get one spin of the wheel!

    Keep on pushing – I am high functioning because I make it so!
    I could easily disappear, I really could, but life’s a gift and that would be like asking God for the receipt somehow! 😉

    1. I think it’s wonderful that you are following your heart and your dreams this year. Reminds me of my favourite quote by Joseph Campbell- “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” 🙂

      1. Oh wow – just catching up with your blog and have only just seen this reply. That is so funny because – when I really learnt about the law of attraction (despite knowing the work/ works and words of Jack Canfield for decades) I was in Hawaii… ‘Follow your Bliss’ was my mental bumper sticker of this trip – I don’t have a tattoo but if I was ever tempted it would say ‘Follow your bliss’… it’s the latter part of the statement that holds the power- but for the travelling spirit in me it’s all about following what makes you feel happy!

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