A Love Story – Day 151 of The Pollyanna Plan

Every morning for the past few days, I’ve woken up feeling filled with enthusiasm and excitement about the coming day.

This is partly because I signed up for the free Law Of Attraction Summit 2013, which gives access to daily sessions presented by different speakers on the topic of the Law of Attraction and how to implement it into your life. It’s been fantastic and I’m learning so much, but it’s not just that.

I’ve been noticing this feeling of joyful anticipation creeping up on me over the past few weeks and I know that it has everything to do with The Pollyanna Plan.

I used to wake up every day without feeling very much at all. Due to living so many years with a chronic illness, life used to be very staid, predictable and same-y. In short, my relationship with my life had soured and stagnated.

So, it is such a wonderful contrast to open my eyes each morning filled with wonder, joy and anticipation at what the world has in store for me. Now, as I feel happiness and appreciation daily, as I journal and write down what I feel grateful for each day in this blog, not only am I healing physically, I’m also beginning to fall in love with life again.

Day 151, Reason 151: Today I am filled with joy to be falling back in love with my life


Image source: http://imgur.com/r/RedditDayOf/BoYBS

214 days to go

214 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find


£238.68 to raise for Save the Children to reach my target of £365.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

4 thoughts on “A Love Story – Day 151 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. I have this quote on a wooden heart – it was on my kitchen windowsill in my apartment, I thought about it as I washed up. We have a dishwasher (still no tablets) – I may promote the heart to my shelves.

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