How To Get A Bikini Body – Day 138 of The Pollyanna Plan

First step to getting a bikini body – Buy a bikini!

I’m feeling a little better healthwise today, so this morning I took to the shopping centre with my Mum in tow, in search of a new bikini ready for our sort-of-holiday in a few weeks time.

The first shop we tried had an huge array of colourful bikinis in all shapes and sizes and I thought I was on to a winner. My motto, when it comes to shopping, is to get in and out as fast as humanly possible. However, after trying on no less than 4 different bikinis in a changing room with sub zero temperatures due to the overenthusiastic air con, and rummaging through the rails for anything resembling my size, I had to admit defeat…and near hypothermia!

This is why I don’t like shopping! I can never  very rarely find anything that fits me (it’s the same for clothes and shoes,) plus I have no patience for the trying on part. Bah humbug!

I’d been in pretty good spirits, with the improvement in my health and feeling well enough to get out of the house and all that, but as I trudged round 2 more shops trying on more wretched bikinis that didn’t fit, I could feel my mood begin to sour. And what’s with the lighting in changing rooms? Do they purposely do it to show up every dimple of cellulite you’d rather not know you have!

But, I knew that no good would come from my miserable attitude, so after having a stern word with myself (in my head, of course) I rather reluctantly imagined how great it was to have found the perfect bikini.

By this time, it was approaching lunchtime and I was getting hungry (grumpy + hungry = not a great combination.) But, we tried one last shop before heading home. And guess what? I not only found a bikini that fitted me perfectly, but it’s also really pretty and I love it! Yippee! It was a little more expensive than I anticipated. Ok, ok, A LOT more expensive, but it fits me, it fits me, so who cares! 🙂

Day 138, Reason 138: Today I am delighted to have found a bikini that fits me, ready for the summer!

Final step to getting a bikini body – Put your bikini on your body! 🙂


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227 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find


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6 thoughts on “How To Get A Bikini Body – Day 138 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. More Blog awards 🙂 your next mission will be building a trophy cabinet! Blessed to be part of your journey. I loved the jpeg on this post – so true – I have never owned a bikini – even when I had my size 10 body as I have always had a stomach best suited to more material – when I travelled Australia I felt like a complete freak though, because I was the only girl in a bathing costume! I have since bought a prettier one which I like and around the corner from my writing class is a Retro shop that sells great pieces, I might buy one for next summer. They are less than £15!

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