Coming Back To Life – Day 135 of The Pollyanna Plan

Last night, as I was lying in bed, my head still buzzing with my reason to feel glad/happy/joyful for the day, something significant occurred to me. I sat bolt upright, reached for my phone and typed out a quick note so I wouldn’t forget.

Here is what I wrote:


Not very eloquent, I admit, but I was exhausted last night and it captures perfectly the essence of my realisation.

For years I have been too unwell to dream of anything other than recovery.  My focus was taken up with how dreadful I felt every single day and what action I was going to take next to try to regain my health and my life.

Even though I had dreamed of going to live in Australia when I first returned from my travels, I quickly shelved the idea, as my health rapidly deteriorated again. It wasn’t just that I couldn’t see how my dream was going to materialise, but it was as if the chronic illness drained the life out of my dreams.

But, as The Pollyanna Plan progresses and my health improves, if feels as if my dreams are awakening from a deep slumber.

Day 135, Reason 135: Today I am happy and grateful for the feeling that I am coming back to life in so many ways.

And I also have another very special reason to feel happy and grateful today. My dear friend’s Dad’s is recovering well from the serious surgery he had yesterday.

230 days to go

230 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find


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4 thoughts on “Coming Back To Life – Day 135 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Glad to hear your friend’s father is healing well.
    I have come to a similar realisation – I haven’t been happy for years and all my energy was focused on that and trying to get better too – and now I have realised I was my own limiter – I should have made the changes I am making 5 years ago – but I didn’t so time to move on from that. I am making them now and it will result in a whole new (happier) life!
    Love the parallels between our new realisations.

    1. So do I! 🙂 Like you, it would have been great to have realised all this years ago, but obviously this is the right time for us. I love that we are on a similar journey and can share our experiences. x

      1. Me too – I love checking how yours is going and seeing this transformation happen as well as existing within my own. This time last year I couldn’t even get out of bed. Although the dosage of my meds has stayed the same I have accomplished unbelievable things – life-changing things so far this year. Things that are always quite high and out of reach and things I have been dreaming of and waiting for – for so long – I couldn’t understand why everybody around me had lives that moved on and I didn’t – it is a shame because I feel I have been asleep for half a decade… but my heart had to hibernate and heal and I had to make myself brain numb to get through the life I was suffering before I realised NO-ONE IS THE BOSS OF ME = I am in control = my position may not be as powerful as theirs but that doesn’t matter to the universe. I have recently found that unlimiting self-belief and will never again lock myself away in a tower.
        As for emigration – I guess I will wait for old age – there may be a quicker way than 24hrs to get there by then!

      2. I can totally relate to the feeling that everybody else’s lives have moved on, while mine has been stuck on pause. But, I’m learning not to compare myself to anyone else and to appreciate all the great things about my life.

        That’s wonderful that you have accomplished so much already this year. There’s still so much good to come for both of us! 🙂 x

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