No Dream Is Ever Too Big – Day 134 of The Pollyanna Plan

“No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big.”

I have a dream. It’s something I’ve tucked away in a corner of my mind for years, as I just couldn’t see how it would every come to pass. But, since beginning The Pollyanna Plan and experimenting with the power of positive, happy feelings, I have witnessed some small, but truly remarkable things happening in my life. So, it feels like the right time to dust off my dream, use some of the Law of Attraction magic and put it out there to The Universe.

My big dream is to live in Australia. Eight years ago (goodness, was it really that long ago?) I spent 10 months travelling around Australia, before my health took a rapid turn for the worse. I loved the stunning places I visited, the feeling of freedom that came from travelling alone and the wonderful people I met along the way. Most of all, I loved the feel and vibe of Australia and have often thought about returning one day.


Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia – it took me days to get this shot right!

However, I wouldn’t want to go without my lovely Mum, as it’s just too far away for regular visits, which is another reason I had hidden my dream away all this time and not given it a second thought. But, coincidentally, the other day, the topic of Australia came up in conversation, as my Aunt lives there and we have some friends who have just emigrated. That night, when I went to bed, I thought back to all the amazing places in Australia I had visited and I felt my dream begin to stir.


Coral Bay, Western Australia  – where my soul felt at peace

I was gobsmacked the next morning, when over breakfast, my Mum announced, “Why don’t we move to Australia?” I really couldn’t believe it! But, the fact remains that in “reality,” we can’t just up sticks and go and live in Australia. For starters, we’re not exactly prime visa material – my Mum is retired and I’ve been too ill to work for years, so I have no profession to offer. And don’t even get me started on having enough money to go!

But, herein lies the beauty of The Pollyanna Plan and the Law of Attraction. I’m going to leave the “hows” for the Universe to figure out and all I’m going to do is focus on my dream (now our dream) and all the happy, positive, awesome feelings associated with it. 🙂

So, today, my Mum felt inspired to take the first step towards our Australia dream and called a house agent to find out whether it might be a good time to put our house on the market – the market has been somewhat dormant here for the past few years. And, to our surprise the agent came over an hour later, took a look around and gave very positive feedback.

Day 134, Reason 134: Today I feel elated to have had the courage to dream big and to have set that dream in motion.

Watch this space! 🙂


Gantheaume Point, Broome, Western Australia – another pic from my travels

231 days to go

231 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find


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9 thoughts on “No Dream Is Ever Too Big – Day 134 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. Good for you! My boyfriend would approve – he’s always saying he wants to move there too. I don’t, though, so I guess he’s out of luck for now. Too much sun for me! I hope your dream comes true, though. Why the heck not?? 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment! 🙂 I hope you get to Australia and New Zealand one day soon. I haven’t been to NZ and I’d love to go. Maybe when I’m living in Australia, I’ll pop across for a visit! 😉

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