Back In Alignment – Day 124 of The Pollyanna Plan


I didn’t have the best start to the day, having been awake all night with bad stomach pains. I only managed to get 2 hours of very broken sleep, so it was with great difficulty that I dragged myself from bed to go for an appointment with my chiropractor this morning.

I haven’t been to see her for a couple of years, as I’m super sensitive to the treatment and feel incredibly faint and nauseous after just a few adjustments, even though she is a McTimoney Chiropractor and practices a very gentle form of chiropractic.

So, as you can well imagine, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to my appointment, but I thought it wise to get my neck injury checked out. And boy, am I glad I went!

The first great thing about my appointment is that the chiropractor commented on how much better I look. I’ve put on some much needed weight and she kindly said that not only do I look great, but that my voice also sounded much stronger and that I have a very positive vibe. Yippee!

The next great thing that happened was that she put my neck back into alignment for me. She could tell that I’d taken quite a knock and my vertabrae were still out of place. Even though I’m a little sore from the treatment, my neck feels sooooo much better now.

The third great thing is that I managed a whole treatment without feeling faint! Can’t quite believe it, as it has never happened before, even though my chiropractor is very kind and understanding. Proof that I must be getting stronger!

Great thing number 4 is that (apart from my neck) the rest of my spine is much better than it ever used to be, largely due to my daily yoga stretches. Hoorah!

The fifth and final great thing is that we got talking about the benefits of chiropractic, as I’d read an interesting blog post on the subject a few days ago – so sorry, I can’t recall who wrote it! Anyway, there is much about chiropractic that still remains a mystery, but it seems that it can not only improve the alignment of your skeleton, but also improve your mental/emotional alignment and your spiritual alignment too.

And I’m not just saying it, but I felt fantastic after my treatment. Not just physically, but also much more positive, happy and joyful. You can’t ask for more than that!

Day 124, Reason 124: Today I am thrilled to be back in alignment in body, mind and spirit. 🙂

241 days to go

241 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

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