Recharging The Batteries – Day 108 of The Pollyanna Plan

Day 108, Reason 108: Today I have thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing day off.

Sitting out on the balcony this morning, eating (or more accurately, drinking my breakfast – a banana, strawberry and almond milk smoothie) I wondered what on earth I could do with myself today.

You see, I’d woken in the night with the beginnings of a migraine and had subsequently slept really badly. I kept thinking of all the things I should, or could be getting on with, but the pain in my head throbbed and just the thought of having to do anything hurt. Then suddenly, it occurred to me that having a day off might be just what I needed.

I haven’t had a proper day off for ages. I know that not being well enough to have a job means that people think I sit around all day on my backside doing very little. But, it’s quite the contrary! I have a few little ventures that keep me busy and I’m always working on something.

I suggested the “day off” plan to my Mum, who has also been working hard on her business all week and was busy doing some gardening. She jumped at the idea, throwing off her gardening gloves, putting down her shears and happily joining me. She’s in the middle of reading “Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting,” by Lynn Grabhorn (the book that inspired me to start The Pollyanna Plan,) so no wonder she was eager for some uninterrupted reading time!

We have spent the day lying on sun loungers (me with my poorly head in the shade) soaking up the sunshine, relaxing, reading, snoozing and taking in the beautiful view. Blissful!

I feel very chilled out and recharged, in spite of the lingering headache. In fact, I’ve even written this post from the comfort of my sun lounger.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

A section of my view, as I type

I think another day off soon is in order, don’t you?

257 days to go

257 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

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2 thoughts on “Recharging The Batteries – Day 108 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. A beautiful post, sentiment and view! Plenty of blue sky for you. I have that book – it’s a great read.
    And this post was something I needed to see – as you know my schedule is packed right now – looking forward to July when certain elements of my life should be more settled, although some of the classes and workshops will be over by then I had planned to join in the next Nano Summer Camp – although this time I am writing a novella and have a target of just 30,000 (should be a breeze compared to the 50,000 I did this April) I have just found out that I have to write reports this summer too which I wasn’t expecting. I work part-time (just over 30hrs a week) and have lost my day off at the weekend this month to the workshops, as part of my New Year pact with myself I write daily (I have only missed a few days this year) but I also need to recognise that it is important to spend a day away from all the work – hard when you freelance and not sure I could manage a whole day, something I might aim to try over the summer!

    1. I found having a day off really beneficial on so many levels. I hope you can find some time to relax and recharge the batteries soon, even if it’s just half a day! 🙂

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