The Ultimate Detox – Day 104 of The Pollyanna Plan

Over the past few days, I really seem to have reached a turning point with The Pollyanna Plan and have been experiencing vastly increased feelings of positivity and happiness. Yey!  So, you can imagine how surprised I was that today, I’m feeling very under the weather physically. Surely that’s not supposed to happen?! I even slept much better last night, so it makes no sense to me whatsoever.

Deciding that my best strategy would be to ignore the yucky symptoms, I ensconced myself in my workroom (the spare bedroom that I’ve converted to house all my craft bits and bobs) this morning, thinking that a dose of creativity would sort me out. It didn’t!  But I did experiment with making a new item for my online shop that turned out very nicely, so it was by no means a waste of time and energy.

In fact, remarkably, I’ve still been feeling very positive all day, in spite of this setback to my health. I trust that I am on the right path and that this too shall pass. I just didn’t get where on earth this has all come from. You’d think that, as I’ve been flowing so much more positive energy and really great things have been happening over the past few days, the Law of Attraction would be bringing me better health. Surely, that’s how it’s supposed to work?

By lunchtime, I went for my usual afternoon nap and as I was lying in bed, I suddenly began to feel much worse. Just before I drifted off into what turned out to be a deep, 2 hour sleep, I thanked the Universe for the healing I have experienced so far and the greater healing that is to come.

And when I awoke, I was amazed to discover an email in my inbox with the latest post from Michelle Dobbins’ Daily Alchemy blog, explaining all about chemicalisation – a process that can occur when someone really starts to make progress with the Law of Attraction and increase their feelings of positivity. In her post, Michelle explains how things can sometimes get worse before they get better, or a person might even get physically ill.

I was completed gobsmacked reading this – in fact I had the Twilight Zone music playing in my head – and I felt a strong certaintly that this is exactly what I am experiencing today. Although chemicalisation sounds like a negative process, it is actually a very positive one and, much like a healing crisis, it indicates that cleansing is taking place on every level and that better things are on their way to you.

Day 104, Reason 104: Today I am so grateful to be experiencing the ultimate detox.

It gave me so much hope to know this and I have even more faith now that I am on the right track and that nothing has “gone wrong”. Playing devil’s advocate here, even if this episode of feeling ill has nothing whatsoever to do with chemicalisation, and even if chemicalisation doesn’t really exist, it makes me feel a whole lot happier and more positive to believe that it does and surely that is all that matters anyway! 🙂


Jude is kindly demonstrating the “under the weather look”  for me – maybe she’s experiencing chemicalisation too?

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3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Detox – Day 104 of The Pollyanna Plan

  1. I’m so glad that my post was helpful to you. Sometimes, I don’t know if I should share bad days. but then I figure we all have these moments, or most of us anyway, and it’s not a bad thing if we realize what’s happening. Here’s to detoxing and then going on to feel fabulous! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. Your post really helped me today and your timing couldn’t have been better! I’m so looking forward to the feeling fabulous part! 🙂

  2. Well, I don’t know how I feel about all that. I think that while law of attraction is valid and it works, and positive thinking is awesome, sometimes stuff just happens (I call it “Crappenstance), bad days just happen, and there are things we can’t control.

    Expecting to be able to control them just adds to our troubles, in a way. I mean, a person who was born without a leg couldn’t really think himself up a leg, if you know what I mean, and it would be silly for him to see that as a shortcoming in his positive thinking or his personal vibrations. It just is what it is, and sometimes we have to work within the circumstances we’re given.

    I believe all you can do is the best you can do, and when the bad days come, as of course they occasionally will, just use them to remind you of how nice the good ones are by contrast.

    And, as you seem to have done, try to find some way to carry on and be happy anyway. Because the truth is that “happiness needs no cause,” (I got that little profundity off of a mug from Republic of Tea), and the ultimate form of it is totally unconnected to how we feel or the circumstances around us. I think you already get that, though, really. 🙂

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