It Feels Great To Get Stuff Done – Day 102 of The Pollyanna Plan


Today I’m in a very jolly mood – Yep, that’s right, jolly!  🙂 And the very best thing about today is that I’m feeling a whole lot better than the past few days. Yiiiippppeeee! This is the fastest I have ever recovered from an autoimmune flare up and, as you may be able to tell,  I’m over the moon about it!

Not even waking up far too early this morning was going to dampen my spirits. Instead, I sprang out of bed, completed my morning routine in record time and walked round to the post office, in the glorious morning sunshine, to enquire about postal prices for my online shop.

You see, I realised yesterday, that the postal prices have gone up in the past few weeks, so I needed to find out the new prices in order to adjust the cost of shipping for the items in my shop.

Normally, the post office is hectic on a Monday morning, but my super happy mood must have been sending out all the right vibes to the Universe, as I only had to wait a minute or two to be served and the post office worker was helpful and almost friendly – believe me, this is a very rare occurrence!

When I got home, my next job was to edit the shipping costs for ALL the items in my online shop – quite a daunting task and not one that I’d usually relish. But, instead of feeling discouraged, I felt very motivated and proceeded to open up my  laptop and knuckle down to the task at hand.

Amazingly, I got it all done by lunchtime, and my reward was a delicious cooked lunch (courtesy of my lovely Mum), followed by an afternoon sleep, then a short dog walk and yoga out in the garden. Perfect!

Day 102, Reason 102: Today, I am so happy that I felt well enough to have had a very productive morning.

And soon I know that I’ll have the health, strength and energy to have very productive whole days. I can’t wait!

263 days to go

263 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

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