The Hows Are The Domain Of The Universe – Day 101 of The Pollyanna Plan

Day 101, Reason 101: Today I am in awe at the power of the Universe to come up with solutions I could never even dream of.


I’ve learnt another important life lesson today, which can be summed up by Mike Dooley as this: “The hows are the domain of the Universe.” Let me explain…

When I checked my email this morning, I found a message from a potential customer, who is interested in buying one of the items from my online shop. However, she lives on a different continent and would like the item to wear to an event in less than 2 weeks time. Her message asked me whether is was possible to get it delivered to her by then.

I know from past experience that items sent to that particular country can take up to 3 weeks to arrive, and that to send the item by courier is vastly expensive. I researched every postal option available and even tried to think if I knew of anybody travelling in that direction, who could take it with them and post it for me, but no joy. So, I had to write back to say that I was really sorry, but I couldn’t foresee a way for the item to be delivered in time for her event.

Now, let me rewind to earlier in the morning. Even though I’m still pretty shattered, I’m feeling stronger than I have over the past few days and I know that the autoimmune flare up I have been suffering from is passing. Yippee! I was so delighted with this small improvement in my health, that I spent some time this morning, giving thanks for all the wonderful things in my life, in particular the way in which my body is healing itself.

I was in such a joyous, happy mood, that nothing was going to rain on my parade. So, instead of feeling disappointed that I couldn’t help this particular customer, I thought how great it was that she even wanted to buy my item in the first place and how it would only be a matter of time before someone else bought it.

So, you can imagine my utter amazement when I received an email back from the customer  just now to say that her husband would be in Europe this coming week, so she’d had an idea that I could send the item to him instead, and he would take it back home when he returned. I was stunned!

From my point of view, I couldn’t see how I could possibly get the item to her within the deadline, and I guess by not worrying about it, and by feeling happy and grateful, what I was effectively doing was handing the situation over to the Universe.  And to my complete surprise and delight the Universe seems to have rearranged itself and worked out the “hows” for me. Incredible! 🙂

264 days to go

264 reasons to feel glad/happy/joyful to find

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5 thoughts on “The Hows Are The Domain Of The Universe – Day 101 of The Pollyanna Plan

      1. I went to a writing network meeting and ended up signing for a 3 day workshop – they had a discount but even with that it was the top end of the budget I set myself this year.
        I felt the worrying in my head and just put it out to the universe.

        Later I got home and discovered some Christmas money and some money in a bag (I have that habit – I do it on purpose and then it is lovely finding money you didn’t remember you had.

        I found the exact cost of the courses. EXACT,,, so now I still have some money in the annual budget to spend on new opportunities – or put another way –

        I said to myself ‘I would love to do that!’
        The universe said SO YOU SHALL
        ‘I’d be perfect for that.’
        ‘Oh but I am poor and really can’t afford it.’
        The universe BIN THAT THOUGHT
        ‘I can treat myself. I haven’t spent any money on myself since last year, well maybe a little – but it has all had a SALE tag on it!’
        The Universe GO AND DO IT.
        ‘I did it, I did it’ – including a cheeky negotiation that I was unsure of but the universe sorted that one out too because the computer system still showed the discount.

        Money paid – workshop opportunities booked.


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